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Dec 7, 2008 02:55 PM

Faithful coffee lovers...humbly asking for help..

You amazing chowhounders have come to my rescue once regarding Chemex brewers and I have another favour to ask.

I have been seeking a system to brew a single cup of coffee right into my mug when I am rushing out the door. I don't want any kind of electric single brewer nor bodums, I want pour, toss filter and close my m

I have found a " Porcelain #4 Size Coffee Cone Filter Holder" on but I was hoping to save shipping and duty by finding coffee supply place in the GTA that might carry a simple white porcelain or ceramic coffee filter holder that sits on a single cup.

I have seen plastic ones sold at Canadian Tire a while ago but I really don't like pouring hot water on plastic. I wish Melitta sold their porcelain ones in Canada but I have not seen them.

It makes a great holiday gift too to teachers and folks who like fresh coffee at the workplace. I'd buy several if I could locate them in either stainless steel or porcelain that use easiy available filters.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out the Aeropress coffe maker, it will do what you want.

    I just realised that the Aeropress may be made of plastic. I saw it two weeks ago but can't remember if it is. Just have a look on the site and you may find something that is not plastic, or call them and ask.

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      The Aeropress is, in fact, made of plastic. However, it makes a FANTASTIC cup of coffee. I bought mine this summer, and wouldn't dream of parting with it.

      1. re: Wahooty

        The Aeropress has been my constant coffee companion for over a year. It is flawless, a great design, and well adapted to travel and hotel rooms. I bought mine at Birds 'n Beans, where it was even less expensive ($30) than the not for profit Greenbeanery.

        Birds And Beans Cafe
        2413 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V 1C5, CA

        Green Beanery
        565 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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      1. Go to Manic Coffee and speak to Matt, I know he is trying to order some, but a lot are on backorder.

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        1. re: samjames

          Thanks, spoke with Matt, he was puzzled too why they are not available. I guess I have no choice but to spend a retarded amount of money buying them from SweetMaria's with shipping and duty. Damn.
          Maybe Matt will get lucky and find a shipment of them.
          Thanks to the other folks re: the aeropress but I don't like pouring hot water over plastics of any kind and the coffee filter cone is totally no hassle, easy to clean as a cup is.
          Thanks for your helpfulness. I can always count on the folks here.

        2. there's also those loose leaf tea filters, like this one: I've seen these at most good tea stores, and some grocery stores.

          Probably as minimal as you can get, it replaces the cone filter holder with a stir-stick and you can use the same contraption for coffee and tea.

          I have an aeropress, but find it too fiddly for speedy coffee and with too many pieces for travel. (Also the comparisons to espresso are not accurate, its produces something closer to a good drip coffee


          Another option is cold brew coffee, which only requires hot water. Its the only kind of coffee my wife likes black. I use this for road trips as you can dillute with cold water or hot water. You can only use it for plane travel if you're going to put it in checked luggage of course.

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          1. re: DoNutAlter

            I have been curious about the Toddy system for a while, how long does the coffee "keep" in the fridge?

            1. re: Pincus

              I think its supposed to be 2 weeks, but you can probably keep it for a month without a noticeable degradation in taste. Honestly, Its never lasted long enough to find out though.

              The coffee itself is surprisingly smooth, with a noticeable decrease in bitterness and acid. It does tend to remove some of the differences in beans and roasts, but it sure is a good cup of coffee. I prefer it to most drips.

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