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Dec 7, 2008 01:46 PM

Best Bar and Tapas

Was wondering if yall fellow chowhouders know a awsome place to relax, maybe listen to a little Ipod, has awsome drinks and most important really good food but preferably tapas as I like to try lots of different dishes. I will be solo! Thanks!

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  1. casa mono is my "goto" tapas place. excellent tapas, excellent spanish wine list. when solo, i sit at the bar. the place is tiny so reservations are a must. the only downside (a minor one) is you have to place your complete order at the beginning of the meal. sometimes i hang out at bar jamon (next door) before my reservation time. bar bar jamon is owned by casa mono and is even smaller. a ham platter and a cava at the bar always puts a smile on my face.