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Dec 7, 2008 01:44 PM

Sunday lunch in Cleveland

I'm looking for a nice place that's open for lunch on Sunday's in downtown Cleveland. Not picky about the type of cuisine - just somewhere with good food and atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. pickings are slim Downtown for Sun lunch,but these are fine I think:
    Warehouse district::
    Waterstreet Grill
    Chop House
    I think both have brunch as well.
    if there is a Browns games-all bets are off for a dignified atmosohere.

    my favorite deli type place is Alladin's Bakery (not to be confused with local chain resto w/same name). It is delicious, but just stand up tables and carry out

    If you were willing to jump in the car or rta some of the best options are:
    Ohio City:
    Touch Supper Club -brunch actually-may be able to get lunch too
    Westside Market cafe

    Lucky's Cafe (only serving full hot meals until 2pm)

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    1. I second the recommendation for Lucky's but it's not in downtown proper, it's about a 5 minute drive away.

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          niether Siam or Bo Loong have the greatest atmosphere, but both are good. They are a few miles/minutes from Downtown. You can get dim sum at Bo Loong. I had one visit not long ago where is was terrible. Then last week I went and it was back to being good. They have an extensive selection on Sundays.

        2. i can highly recommend 1890 at the arcade. they serve a fantastic brunch/lunch (until 12:30) & you sure can't beat the setting!

          more info:

          1. Thanks for the recs. We ended up at the West Side Market Cafe & had a lovely brunch. They don't take reservations for small parties but we didn't have to wait for a table. The atmosphere was casual and our server was not very friendly but the mimosas were fantastic (seriously some of the best I've ever had) & the food was good. Also it definitely had that Cleveland feel to it. Their hashbrowns were good and we enjoyed the different plays off of eggs benedict such as eggs arnold with avocado instead of canadian bacon. Definitely a step above standard chain breakfast places but nothing fancy. Would go again.

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              ah good choice. thx for the report back.