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Dec 7, 2008 01:08 PM

Remembering: creamed chipped beef (aka S.O.S.)

Does anyone know where you can still get creamed chipped beef? I have seen it in the grocery store freezer case (Stouffer's) but it was not great. Really looking for a dinner still serving it.

Background: My mother's family is from Lebanon, PA and it used to be a popular breakfast or brunch item at home and served out. Also known as "shit on a shingle" (S.O.S.) or "skinned indian" (sorry all you PC folks out there) it's great comfort food.

Hormel sells the dried beef (in a jar) in most grocery stores, but the best stuff comes from the Daniel Weaver Co, now a brand of the Godshall's Premium Meats Co, out of PA.

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  1. Not sure where you are located but, the Agawam Diner in Rowley used to have it. Reminds of my military days, YUM!

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      Thanks for the tip treb. I'm within range of the Agawam and this gives me another excuse (coconut cream pie is the other) to head up there.

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        It was also on the menu at the Yankee Diner in Charlton MA, she called it SOS there too. But alas, I just found out they closed. Very sad, it was a great diner. This doesn't help much huh.

      2. I grew up in South Jersey where it was a delicacy and then moved to Boston where its not. My mother in the Philly area has the killer recipe for Chipped Beef but I've never seen anything other than Stouffers for a prepared version. I have seen packs of chipped dried beef in some grocery store packaged cold cut sections that could be used in preparing the dish with the roux and "gravy". The only problem is that the packaged stuff is incredibly salty. I'd love to know a deli in the Boston area that could slice it fresh and paper thin. Two of my favorite renditions of this dish are in Cape May on the Jersey Shore...Uncle Bill's and Dock Mikes...

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            With hamburger or chipped beef? If chipped beef, do you use the hormel bottled stuff, or can you get something else? By the time I was in the USAF, (1970) the chow halls served SOS with hamburger. My father said that during wwii, the chipped beef was from a potted meat product. almost like a salami. Italians described it as tasteless bresaola. Me? at home. I'd just as soon have sausage gravy on a biscuit - much tastier. With Jimmy Dean sausage...

          2. My father loved (if that's possible) creamed chipped beef for breakfast, maybe due to his WWII navy days. My mother cooked it, of course, it was from a package and salty. I'll have to call her now and get the recipe.

            1. It was on the menu at the Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch this fall. ;-b