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Best Bakery for Authentic German Stollen?

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My parents are coming for Christmas and it just isn't Christmas for my dad without stollen to wake up to in the morning. Does anyone know a good bakery in Manhattan or Brooklyn where I can get some authentic German stollen?

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  1. (Supposed to be authentic ! ?) Blue Apron Foods, 814 Union St. at 7th Avenue, (718) 230-3180
    Here is another one :
    Leske's, 7612 Fifth Ave. at 76th Street, (718) 680-2323

    1. The folks from Lederhosen are hosting a business friend from Bavaria whose set up a mini Christkindlmarkt in the front of the bar. Among the treats he brought over from Munich: pfeffernüsse, lebkuchen and, of course, stollen. Otherwise you might be able to get a great stollen at Cafe Sabarsky or Demel.