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Dec 7, 2008 01:02 PM

Best Bakery for Authentic German Stollen?

My parents are coming for Christmas and it just isn't Christmas for my dad without stollen to wake up to in the morning. Does anyone know a good bakery in Manhattan or Brooklyn where I can get some authentic German stollen?

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  1. (Supposed to be authentic ! ?) Blue Apron Foods, 814 Union St. at 7th Avenue, (718) 230-3180
    Here is another one :
    Leske's, 7612 Fifth Ave. at 76th Street, (718) 680-2323

    1. The folks from Lederhosen are hosting a business friend from Bavaria whose set up a mini Christkindlmarkt in the front of the bar. Among the treats he brought over from Munich: pfeffernüsse, lebkuchen and, of course, stollen. Otherwise you might be able to get a great stollen at Cafe Sabarsky or Demel.