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Dec 7, 2008 12:58 PM

Looking for a good Honey in T.O

Hi, I am looking for a tasty honey for my husband. He is a crazy honey lover.
We used to go to Honey World at St. Lawrence Market and we love them... but want to try some other places.

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  1. Here is one that you will have to try: President's Choice Organics, Wildflower Honey, $6.49/500g. It is from the Peace River valley in northern Alberta, water white colored, and with a light sweet clover taste, and a lengthy aftertaste. Like a late harvest Riesling .It is crystalline, which is natural for an organic, but the crystal starter is very fine grained. I would not heat up or liquefy this honey in case the color and flavor would diminish.

    I grew up immersed in the honey business, and this is as good as it gets. I compared this to an organic Quebec/Brazil honey at Costco, but the latter was thick, heavy, and had a strong taste of weeds (dandelion and goldenrod.) Same price. Don't miss this gem at Loblaws!

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      Thank you jayt90!
      It sounds great. I will get it for sure!

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        Grande Cheese (on Orfus Rd., plus other locations) sells some interesting imports. A place like Pusateri's might have a better selection, but for me, the prices and the crowded aisles are a turnoff. Try Grande Cheese instead.

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        I think she's saying that if a bee can travel a 55,000 mile radius from it's hive then how is a honey producer to guarantee all the flowers it feeds from are organic? But, I think there's an error... a bee travels in a 6 mile radius and up to 55,000 miles in its lifetime. An honest mistake. However, a bee can travel as far as it needs to in order to find flowers to feed from.

        I thought it was interesting to read that there were secret apiaries under the gardiner and on top of the York - I don't believe it's weed honey up there. There are gardens for them to feed upon.

        I guess Dutchman's Gold feeds off of the flowers on their property... either way, it's good honey. Fantastic honey to be sure, very clean and fragrant with a floral aroma. It's beautiful... omg I have to go have a spoonful now!!

        But, if one wants to buy their Billy Bee and get the so called "Weed Honey" then that's fine. That's what makes bees so magical! The ability to take pollen from all flowers and turn it into a beautiful product that's good for our health.

        I'm stunned when I think of the process. But, I would recommend Dutchman's Gold to anyone - as I said, agree or disagree with the article, but give the product a go before you pass judgment..

      3. Try Joe Umanetz's Honey. It's certified organic honey from Hanover, On. and the # on the jar is 529-369-3897 You can get it at the Big Carrot. The jar i have is 500g and it was $10 or $12. It tastes wonderful.

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          Thanks chalenegirl! I like shopping at Big Carrot but haven't tried that honey.

        2. This is a great article I read on She Does the City in the summer about sourcing artisanal honey in Toronto. She cites two honeys, but the one I decided to try was the one she says is at The Big Carrot. The Dutchman's Gold Summer Blossom Honey.

          It's gorgeous, but a little expensive.

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            The notion that all clover within a 55,000 mile radius should be organic when producing organic Canadian prairie honey is as misleading as the author's promotion of wildflower, flower, and weed honey from the Toronto area, in our markets. What flowers or nectars comprise Dutchman's Gold?

            1. re: jayt90

              I order four pounds of White Tupelo Honey from Florida every year: -- the company ships to Canada very easily and promptly.

              Tupelo Honey essentially never crystallizes and has an exotic but not overpowering aroma and flavour--some nice spicy [clove?] undertones.

              Highly recommended if you are a honey fan--very tricky to find on the shelf in the States and unobtainable in Canada other than by mail order, as best I can tell.

              I am still working my way through a huge jar of Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, which has a......very assertive, almost medicinal taste to it. Not for the faint of heart! It does add a nice dimension to sweeter marinades, BBQ sauces, etc. Too strong for baking I think. But if you like strong honey, give it a try.

              Greek/Mediterranean stores often have Thyme Honey, which is nice and different, but a bit strong.

          2. A word on Canadian honey. Small local Ontario producers are at the mercy of the crops around them, and No. 1 White may often be tinted with dandelion and goldenrod, which are strong and unpleasant. If they offer Extra White, or Water White, the honey will be purer. Prairie producers have abundant crops of clover, fewer weeds, and an intense but short summer season. I would encourage anyone to try local Ontario honey, but for the real thing, the P.C. Peace River can't be beat, and is a bargain at $6.49/lb.
            If you have Billy Bee on your shelf, you are getting lots of weed honey from Ontario, Argentina, and Brazil.