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Dec 7, 2008 12:34 PM

Need good Long Island lunch recommendation


I will be traveling this week from New Jersey (Newark area) up to Long Island towards the Medford area. I will be coming up I-495 East and am looking for a good place to stop for a casual lunch. My only preferences are that the place has ample parking and is reasonably priced for lunch (under $10 for lunch). As far as what type of food, I like most types of food except for chinese and specifically would be interested in a high quality deli. In searching this board, I did see a few recommendations for the Pita House in Medford.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

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  1. Pita House is good. Casual is a good way to describe the place. The food is delicious.

    Parking is no problem. The only place that you will find where parking is difficult in that area is Port Jefferson.


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      Ok, Thanks for the information.

      Are there any good NYC style delis in that area (between Newark, NJ and Medford, NJ)?

      1. re: YoccosFan

        Ben's Kosher Deli is very popular, they have stores in Bayside, Woodbury, Roosevelt Field, Greenvale and Carle Place. Roosevelt Field might be a problem for parking though!

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          At exit 39, Willis Avenue, if you go about 1 mile south there is a Waldbaum's shopping center on your left. There is a kosher deli there called Deli on Rye. There is a large parking lot, but it is often quite full, but people are pulling in and out all the time. I love their lean pastrami. Everything else is at least as good as Ben's.

    2. Just to update this - I ended up having to change my route and went to Ferring Deli in Baldwin. It was good, but a little on the expensive side.