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Dec 7, 2008 12:25 PM

Where to buy grass fed beef or farm specific beef in LA?

We're looking to buy good grass fed beef in LA . Or better yet, we want to visit some local beef farmers in the Southern California area. We know of Frank Fitzptric of 5 Bar beef, but want to find more. Any other suggestions?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Great link! So many places I want to try out. Yet another reason to love California - we need a few good reasons these days.

      1. re: JeMange

        Can anyone tell me local places that sell either Bar 5 grass fed beef or other grass fed meat suppliers in the LA area? I got used to eating it when I was courting my ex-wife in Buenos Aires. From my experience it was vastly more flavorful than corn feed beef. Not only that but it is leaner, makes for a better life for the cow and is easier on the planet. I'd also like to find a local grass fed dairy producer but that might be asking too much.

        1. re: michaelescher

          Organic Pastures, which sells raw milk at various markets around town, also has a booth at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market where they sell milk and meat. Their cows are 100% pastured, grass fed. They're about as local as you're going to find in LA.

          1. re: Bjartmarr

            Sorry to say that Organic Pastures is not all grass fed. They get a ration of corn too approximately 4 pounds per cow per day, but it is organic.

            1. re: lynneymay

              Do you have a source for that? Their website claims that "Organic Pastures produces Grade A, 100% pasture grazed raw milk of super premium quality." ( ). The guy at the Farmer's Market said that their beef is culls from their dairy herd; given the small volume of beef they sell it seems like a lot of trouble to specially feed their culls.

              1. re: Bjartmarr

                Their prices for grass fed beef were so low that I decided to call Organic Pastures and just ask them. The representative sent me an e-mail from Lizbeth Valdes at Organic Pastures explaining why their diet is not 100% grass fed. I'm sure they would confirm that if you called them. I'd love to get your input on this. I'm desperately trying to find a good source of local (So. Cal) , organic grass fed beef that isn't too expensive and doesn't require a minimum of 80 pounds or so per order. I'd be happy to send you the original e-mail, but here is a copy of it:

                We are 100% pasture based, but not 100% grass fed. The difference is that our cows are always free to graze on green, certified organic pastures… but they also get a ration of alfalfa and corn too. Of course, all our feed is 100% organic… but we do feed some organic rolled corn. We feed 4 pounds per cow per day of rolled corn. That is SIGNIFICANTLY less than most dairies. However, we need to feed the corn to provide the cows with protein and energy that we are asking them to expend as they make 45 pounds of delicious raw milk every day. The corn really is essential to their body condition and milk production. We don’t give much, but we do give some.

                As for GMO… the best we can do is buy certified organic rolled corn. As you know, Monsanto and bees that spread pollen are ensuring that all corn has some traces of GMO. However, buying certified organic really limits the GMO exposure. FYI, organic rolled corn costs $360 per ton and conventional is about $180. We are paying DOUBLE what conventional dairies pay for their corn for the vary reason that we want to ensure that our cows eat and produce GMO free product.

                Lizbeth Valdes

                Organic Pastures Dairy

                7221 South Jameson Ave Fresno, Ca. 93706

                Ph:559-846-9732 Fax: 559-842-8061

                1. re: lynneymay

                  Well, that answers that.

                  I don't have a problem with what they're feeding (they're still better than any other local dairy), but I wish they'd come right out and say so up front on their website. By using their website to give the impression that they're 100% grass-fed, it makes me think that they're trying to "pull a fast one", and makes me wonder what else they're doing that they're not telling us about.

                  Thanks for posting the email.

                  1. re: Bjartmarr

                    Yes. I agree. I actually started off sending customer service an e-mail asking the same question and didn't get a reply. So, I thought I would just call. Not sure if I will order any beef from them. Do you have any suggestions for 100% grassfed beef out of CA?

                    1. re: Bjartmarr

                      For what it is worth, if you talk to them at the farmer's market they are always clear about their feeding practices.

                2. re: lynneymay

                  I have never seen the beef at their booth at the SM Farmer's market - just the dairy products. I would imagine if they have it - its in the van and one must ask for it?

                  Speaking of the SM Farmer's market - across and nearby the OP booth is another farm that sells Grass Fed and Grass Finished beef. I usually buy ground chuck for burgers which always is good for $4.99 a pound. They also have pork, which I just bought and am going to try in the next few days.

                  1. re: gordo26

                    Organic Pastures also have a hub that they use to sell ground beef with a mixture of organ meats in it along with bone marrow and other cuts, but now they no longer have the certification and can only sell ground beef.

        2. Figueroa Produce
          6312 N Figueroa St Los Angeles,
          CA 90042-2733
          (323) 255-3663

          The stock Open Space meats

          1. I've seen it at the butcher department at the top of Beverly Glen. I've seen it at Whole Foods too - but I'd call first.

            And the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

            1. Gelson's just started carrying it. I think it's Novy Ranch beef.

              1. Whole Foods carried it a while back and I bought a package of ground beef just to try it out. Virtually tasteless, as in a non-taste.
                Once cooked, it had no more flavor.
                Bring me some flavor, asap.