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Dec 7, 2008 12:09 PM

longing for quick, good asian anything close to Glendale, for one

I have a bad habit--I Tivo and watch all my favorite food shows on Sunday. Usually means I see some show where some lucky guy is in an open Hong Kong or Vietnamese market, slurping noodes or eating crab in a hot pot. And I want it. By then, it's afternoon, and I have no luck rounding up a friend (who are often seafood intolerant, or would rather go for burgers) to go and grab a quick bite.

What I REALLY want is something halfway authentic--could be ramen, a dumpling place, whatever--that is close to the Glendale area (Atwater, Loz Feliz, or Glendale, or Eagle Rock, or somewhere I don't even know) that has some decent, authentic asian fare that is NOT a super nice, sit down place--just somewhere I will not feel weird going in alone, grabbing a bowl of pork or rice or noodles or whatever, and eating it.

Surely there's a decent place that doesn't require a half hour's drive, but will give me more options than Panda Express, right?

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  1. Indochine in Atwater has decent phoo and other Vietnamese dishes. There's supposed to be a good pho place -- Pho Hut on Brand, but I haven't tried it.

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      I use to eat at Indochine. That is until I discovered Viet Noodle Bar across the street. Haven't been to Indochine in about 2 yrs.

    2. Indra Thai on Verdugo is a classic steam-table restaurant. Choose a couple of things from the items on display, get them served on rice, you're out in a couple of minutes for almost nothing. For some reason, the actual made-to-order dishes are never quite as good as the items on the steam table.

      1. Eagle Rock Plaza for Pilipino food?

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          That was going to be my suggestion, though I don't really love Filipino food myself, especially turo-turo places (this means "point-point" and is Tagalog for a steam table restaurant) -- though I will give props to the breakfasts, fried eggs, garlic fried rice and your choice of meat, with fresh tomatoes and coconut vinegar. (My usual place for this is Manila Good-Ha, on Colorado Blvd. near Chevy Chase.)

          Another possibility would be to take a tour of the HK (that's Han Kook, not Hong Kong) market on Pacific Ave. in Glendale, between Glenoaks and the 134. You can buy pre-marinated meat for barbecue (just apply fire), you can tour the fantastic Wall O' Kimchi along the left side of the market, or browse the seafood selection.

          Nearby-ish is the mini-Thai town on Sherman Way in NoHo between the 170 and Woodman... or frankly in Glendale you're not terribly far from Thai Town itself in East Hollywood, if you head out Los Feliz Blvd.

          Finally, if you head east on the 134 a bit until it turns into the 210 you're in Arcadia and it's the northern reaches of the SGV of Chinese food wonderfulness. Not exactly Glendale-adjacent but if you avoid peak times driving it's not too far at all.

        2. Lemongrass on Eagle Rock Blvd.

          1. You HAVE to try Kozy Korner on Wilson just east of brand i think...