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Dec 7, 2008 12:04 PM

Chef Paolino's

Has anyone dined at Chef Paolino's in Catonsville? Comments please.

I attempted to view the menu via the website and couldn't get anything on screen. Don't know if it's a problem on my end or their's. FoiGras

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  1. All I've had there is the pizza and garlic knots but I like both a ton.

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    1. re: lstormont

      It's not bad, order at the counter, they bring it to the table, huge non-sophisticated pasta, stromboli, subs, on par with or better than other stripmall pasta places, but pretty serious about quality and quantity. Lots of De Cecco boxes on display. Gets really crowded weekend nights. Jennings nearby is better overall, Catonsville Gourmet another step up.

      1. re: chowsearch

        chowsearch--sounds to me that it's a better option for carry-out.

        Haven't been to Jennings, but am interested as it's nearby and the prices are reasonable for a weeknight dinner.

        Stopped by Catonsville Gourmet the other day and was impressed by the decor and, more importantly, the menu selection.

        also went to Sugarbaker's and purchased several items--OMG. Very good Smith Island Cake, apple cheesecake and tarts. Hubby and I refuse to step on the scale for a while.

        "Istormont"--how does the pizza compare to, let's say, Papa Johns' (yipes--since I'm not much of a pizza eater, don't know how to judge or compare). The garlic knots sound yummy to me. FoiGras

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          AS long as you're in the area...the "sleeper" is Wings Things & More in the same strip as Chef Paolino. It isn't pretty ( carry-out only ) but if you like wings...they are big , fresh......and have some really interesting flavors....not what you'd expect...but very "chow-worthy"

        2. re: chowsearch

          I would not rule it out for an eat-in place. It's casual but has a nice atmosphere. They still serve you even though you order at the counter. Haven't had the pizza but I really like their coffey salad and their mostaccioli napoletana with sausage (perfect sauce, not too sweet, light, layers of flavor). Other family members rave about their lasagna. HUGE portions that make up for the slight priciness. I always get at least 2 servings out of 1 meal.
          For Catonsville, it's pretty solid Italian. It's not Aldo's or La Tavola but it's good and always busy when we stop in.
          This website appears to be a work in progress but it matches the takeout menu i have at home.

      2. Their pasta dishes are pretty good, but I think that their pizza is exceptional, and is the thing to go there for. Even better than the whole pizza is the pizza by the slice, which gets and additional crispness during the reheat which is wonderfull. When ordering a whole pizza, I love their sausage...large slices of good Italian sausage.

        1. Hi FoiGras - I absolutely love Chef Paolino's pizza. It's one of my faves in Bmore along with Joe Squared and Tutti Gusti. However, it is straight-forward, unpretentious NY style pizza. I know a lot of poeple like to question what NY style pizza is but I believe the term simply conveys a thinner crust, large slices and good, salty cheese. I have never dined in and only carry out so I can't comment on the dining in experience. Also, I've only eaten pizza so I'm not sure of the quality of pasta dishes or other entrees.

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          1. re: SGI

            Hi SGI-thanks for your response. I only intend to go to Chef Paolino's for carry-out. I like the fact that I can order pizza by the slice. I'm not a big fan of pizza as the tomato sauce is something I'm somewhat allergic to. White pizza is great though.

            I noticed that they have "Coffey" salad. It's one of my favorites--used to get it at the Pimlico Hotel. It's identical to Chiaperrelli's house salad. In fact, Captain's Harvey's has a "Eula Salad," which mimick's Chip's and coffey's salads. FoiGras

            1. re: FoiGras

              isn't there also a location in downtown bmore?

              1. re: vivinator

                There is a location downtown on Charles St. (in the Bank of America building, I think). Chef Paulino has been around for a really long time, there used to be one in the Columbia Mall back before renovations and the new food court. Not a huge fan of their sandwiches, but the pizza is awesome - fresh toppings and a nice crust. If you don't like tomato sauce just order a regular pizza with no or light sauce - I've ordered both and they have always been accommodating. Also, they have pan pizzas, but I've never been a fan of that type of crust.

                Also, I second Wings, Things, and More. Great big juicy wings.

          2. Chef P's has the best veggie pizza I've ever tasted. The salads are enormous (Greek is especially good), and if they offer veggie lasagna as a special, don't pass it up. I have even asked them to make it a regular menu item! They are crowded on weekends, but it's a short wait. You order at the counter and the wait staff will bring it to you. The staff will refill your drinks, bring extra bread, and check in to see if you need anything quite often. It's a nice, inexpensive place, and Catonsville has embraced it. Judging by the crowds and repeat customers, Chef P has got it right.

            1. Is this the same Chef Paolino's that used to be in the Mall at Columbia?

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                  Thanks. I really enjoyed their pizza.