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Dec 7, 2008 11:58 AM

[DAL/DFW] Fruiteria fruit stores

Am looking for recommendations for fantastic fruit stores. My regular location is on Zang across from Lake Cliff park in Oak Cliff. There's juices, cool drinks, lots of fresh fruit (whole and chopped).

Where are some other cool fruiterias around Dallas?

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  1. There are plenty of places that sell fruit, but are you lookign for any fruit in particular you are looking for from a Fruiteria? The El Rancho on Coit in Richardson seems to have a great selection. My wife and I look for things you can't find at just any grocery store (i.e. mamey fruit). Tom Spicer at Spiceman 1410 is a great source for great tasting fruit and sometimes it is varieties I have never seen. Prices can be high but the flavors make up for it. I am sure most of us would have suggestions if you would be a bit more specific on what you are looking for specific fruits, juices, odd ball fruits rarely found.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      Wasn't looking for anything specific.

      What impressed me the most about the place near me was the deli cases full of fresh chopped fruit I can select for fruit bowls (love the pomegranate seeds, mango, strawberry mix), fresh pressed fruit juices (carrot, apple, ginger), summery refreshment (snowcone with lemon juice and salt), whole segmented mangos on a popsicle stick. They had a myriad of other interesting concoctions I'm excited to try, or at least learn the definition of ingredients.

      There's a fresh pressed juice stand I sometimes visit in the West Village. It's hip and trendy and whatever. "My" Fruiteria wouldn't be described as that, a quality I appreciate. I was a raw foodist for a long time and am looking for places I might be able to visit while running errands, etc that'll offer me snacking excitement greater than the odd Fuji apple, carrot sticks, or banana....and keep me from exclusively indulging in veggie burgers or cheese quesadillas, etc.

      Make sense?

      1. re: Jambon_It

        Jambon It,

        Gotcha.....try out the fruit stands at the local El Rancho's....we have one in Lewisville but I know the one in Richardson is set up the same way as you describe. I would say that you best bet is going to be in S. Dallas, try out Maple Ave area around Love Field/Parkland, Grand Ave area in East Dallas, or Harry Hines area in NW Dallas

    2. I like La Paletera. They have locations in Irving and in Dallas on NW highway. Both locations happen to be right next to an El Regio, which has some of the best chargrilled chicken around....