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Dec 7, 2008 11:44 AM

Gift Dinner/Drinks Recommendation

I live in Dallas, but my sister lives in Austin. She works in the restaurant industry -- she's the bar manager at a frequently talked about restaurant on this forum, so I won't call her out :) -- but for Christmas I'm working on a "gift card pack" - and two of the cards I need are dinner and drinks. She likes to try most anything, and is obviously knowledgable about what makes up a good drink. I've read several threads on this forum but from visiting the websites it's hard to tell if gift cards are available or not.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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  1. I also found this when googling:

    Kind of intriguing.


    1. You know your sister better than we do. Would she like a meal at Uchi? Or would she enjoy something upscale like Driskill or one of the hotels?

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        She likes everything, however I think I'd like to stay away from sushi. Something romantic might be good, or somewhere more loud/fun/party atmosphere would be good too.

        She knows a lot of people in the industry in Austin, and especially in the downtown area. She's worked at a number of restaurants and knows people who have worked at even more, so she goes out a lot and to a wide variety of places.

        Somewhere new might be good, and I'm also considering the card I linked to above because it lets her pick - tho what I've read about Gypsy on this board isn't too encouraging, Louie's 106 seems to be generally approved of and it looked like mostly good things about Sao Paulo's.

        The idea behind her present is going to be kind of a handful of cards, none of which will pay for everything, but say 25-50 bucks toward a few things. My challenge is finding somewhere good that also sells cards, and short of calling every restaurant in Austin I'm not sure how to accomplish that :)

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          My wife and I recently got a card for Parkside, one of my favorite restaurants in town, which I think would fit the bill for your sister. Check out their website to get an idea of the menu.

          1. re: jwynne2000

            You know, I have no idea if she likes oysters or not! I'll look into that. Thanks for the recommendation :)