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Dec 7, 2008 11:42 AM

York and Lakeshore

I am having dinner in this area next week. Any restaurant thoughts? This is foreign territory to me. Thanks

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    1. There's not really much to recommend around there. Nearby in the Queen's Quay Terminal, you've got Pearl for Chinese and Il Fornello for Italian (I like their pizza). Unless you want to walk up to Front and then you've a few choices in the Royal York hotel. Otherwise there are some chains and pubs along Front.

      1. That's right in my neck of the woods
        I can't really vouch for any joint in this area. I haven't personally tried Pearl but have heard good things about it. If you're in a car I would say you're much better off taking a jaunt over to Jamie Kennedy's joint on Church st.

        The Italian joint, Porticello, near Spadina/Lakeshore is good but I think i'd rather have italian elsewhere just because the bang for the buck wasn't there. It's solid italian food from a sicilian guy but i think you can get better value elsewhere.

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        1. Can you go a bit north? If so, you can walk north of Adelaide on York and go to The Keg.
          Not "special", but "reliable"