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Dec 7, 2008 11:36 AM

Apple Bacon tartlets, any thoughts?

So, I've got a Christmas dinner party to go to Wednesday night with about 20 women, and I need to take something. I have a bunch of apples sitting on the counter that I want to use.

I'm thinking....

Lining mini-muffin tins with pie-dough (blind bake or not?)

Chop up and cook some applewood smoked bacon, pour off the fat.
Sautee peeled, cored, sliced and diced apples in the pan.

Mix the apples and bacon, put it in the pie-shells, then top with grated gouda (since I have that in the fridge) and bake.

Any thoughts?
Should I add herbs? I have fresh sage still in the garden.

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  1. My thought is "yum!" Maybe you could add some brown sugar when you're cooking the bacon to get it kind of glazed?

    1. I like your idea, and would add onion or shallot that had been sauteed till golden in the bacon fat. Not so far as to caramelize, so the oven heat won't scorch them. You could remove half the sauteed onion, then add garam masala or curry powder to the remainder in the pan and sautee another minute (this greatly improves the spices, mellowing and melding them), so as to have two different variations on the tartlets.

      I wouldn't blind bake since the dough would want to shrink down the sides of the tin.
      Put a baking stone or an inverted sheet pan into the oven before preheating it to 375. Baking the muffin tins on that will give the crust a boost and help the bottoms brown nicely.

      1. Sounds brill. You also could make a royale with eggs and milk, whisk the cheese into that, and pour over the apples and bacon, get a quiche-y thing going.

        1. How about slow braising the bacon so that it is soft and melts in yourmouth rather than frying it. Takes an additional day but what the heck.

          And I would blind bake the tart shells.

          1. There might be something in this recipe to give you ideas with yours: