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Dec 7, 2008 11:24 AM

Which part has the Best Prime Rib Roast

I would like to know which part is the most tenderest part of the Prime Rib the front or the loin?

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  1. Actually, neither. The part you want is the middle. The best single piece of meat on the cow is actually the "cap" of the rib roast, technically the spinalis dorsi muscle. A rib roast runs from ribs 6 to 12, but the spinalis dorsi is thickest in the middle, say from about ribs 8 to 10.

    But if you're only intersted in comparing front or back, also, respectively, large or small end, the back (loin, or small) end is considered more tender, the front more flavorful.

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    1. re: FlyFish

      Spot on. I like the end cut that is well done, and find the tenderest.