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Dec 7, 2008 10:25 AM

Are these restaurants still good? (SD)

We did a family trip to San Diego last year over Christmas vacation and are doing another one this year. We liked several restaurants well enough to want to return and I just wanted to check and make sure they haven't gone down hill in the last year.


Cafe Sevilla (not the most amazing Spanish we've ever had, but we liked it well enough and it was open 12/25)

Mama Testa

Kemo Sabe

Cafe 222 (breakfast)

We're staying at Hotel Solamar and by time we get in on our first day, it will be just about bedtime for our 7 year old, so the plan is to have fed him already, put him to bed and either order room service or take turns running down to JSix for a quick dinner. Probably not the ideal way to enjoy that restaurant, but it's convenient.

Any reason we shouldn't return to any of the places we enjoyed last year?

That still leaves 3 dinners unaccounted for and I will go do my chow research before coming back with more ideas to run past you.

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  1. Yes, all those restaurants are still open. Do make an effort to try JSix, the chef is doing some interesting things along the sustainable lines.

    1. Love Hotel Solamar and Chef Christian at JSix has brought it to the Gaslamp..this is one of my fav places to eat and drink..
      Oceanaire for Seafood, Basic for pizza and Dobson's for the mussel bisque..
      Try and get over to the Hotel Del in Coronado for brunch at the Crown Room or drinks for the holidays...