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Dec 7, 2008 10:17 AM

Christmas Trip. Avice?

I am going to be in NY again for 6 days over Christmas.
I have some reservations, and was looking for advice from you hounds.
Given my travel partner. We can't do fine dining. He is a basic food type, Steak, some seafood, but no shellfish, sushi. Grilled Cod is about as adventurous as it gets;). He will also eat chicken, but thats about it.
I'm pushing it a bit with the restaurants I have booked, but I think he will be able to find something off all the menus. We are mid 30's, dont want anything too fancy. Like a relaxed/buzzy vibe, good wine/cocktails. So all advice suggestions welcome.
Christmas Eve - I have booked Mas farmhouse. I think this will be the biggest stretch for him. But Im hoping it will be worth it. Set meal for $98
Christmas Day - We have booked Allen & Dellancey, as we are staying LES, and will be uptown earlier. Plan champagne in the Plaza, breakfast at the Rivington.A & D seemed like the only decent dinner option in the area, as once we get back from a long day will want something close to Hotel for dinner. Any other suggestions/options?
26th - Seven bar & grill before a Nicks game.
27th - I have booked Public in Noho. Have been here before, like the ambiance, food. Is there something equivilant Soho/Village area that might substitute? Preferably less fancy food wise?
28th- Travel Partners choice of Dylan Prime.
We will eat out every meal, so breakfast recomendations in LES would be great. I have a good list for lunches, but any other options welcome.
We also have a plan for a day in Brooklyn around Park Slope etc. So lunch recomendations for there would be great too.

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  1. If your partner like simply cooked, American and comfort food, I would steer you towards Clinton Street Baking Company on the LES. Fabulous breakfasts, but also good for lunch and dinner. It's very crowded for weekend brunch, but much less crowded for weekday breakfast. And I rarely have a long wait for dinner.

    Other restaurants on the LES that might also work: Freemans (but no reservations for smaller groups), Alias, Katz's Deli (a tourist attraction and NY experience in and of itself but the pastrami on rye is quintessential).

    If you're up for the challenge, you might also enjoy Shopsin's for breakfast or lunch. Do a search on the's quite unique.

    If you can go north towards the East Village or Noho, you could also do Hearth, Five Points, Westville East, maybe Prune (but the menu is on the smaller side and pretty quirky so I wouldn't want him to not find anything he wants).

    For Brooklyn recommendations, you'll need to post on the Outer Boroughs board.

    1. As a Manhattanite who still considers the East Village to really be the northern part of the Lower East Side, I'll mention Mogador on St. Marks Place between 1st and A as an excellent breakfast restaurant.

      You might consider Supper, 156 E 2nd St. between Av. A and B, for a meal. I had a very good supper there with my brother a few months ago, including a shared secondo of perfect roast chicken. According to their website, they're now also open for breakfast and lunch. Their cuisine is Italian, and it's part of a small chain of restaurants with Frank and Lil Frankie's, all of which are a little different from each other by design.

      It's also worth mentioning a place that's been under discussion on these boards lately, where you could have a late-night meal or something earlier, and which makes really good sandwiches:

      'inoteca, 98 Rivington St. at Ludlow:

      1. i second Pan's rec of Mogador for breakfasts (in addition to the various egg and Moroccan options, they have great multi-grain pancakes)

        in Soho/Nolita area, your partner might enjoy Nolita House...comfy American food, great burgers (but w/ artisnal cheese options)...on Houston, near Mulberry

        consider Keens, esp the pub room (in between the bar and the main dining room) for excellent steaks, a fried-chicken/endive/stilton salad, and generally cozy old-NYC's also very close to MSG, so could work before or after your Knick game...

        in the East Village, consider Cacio e Vino a casual and charming place for Sicilian specialities and/or brick oven pizzas and pastas...this one really might suit your criteria, as it's a mellow place, and one which has both unusual&chowish dishes as well as straight-up pizzas and pastas...

        in the LES, also look into Tides, a tiny seafood place

        for your Park Slope day, post on the Outer Boroughs board and you'll surely get many suggestions...

        have a great trip

        1. Thanks for the suggestions people. Am taking notes.