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Dec 7, 2008 10:11 AM

Nicoise olives in Edmonton?

Does anyone out there know of a source for Nicoise Olives in Edmonton? The big supermarkets don't carry them and neither does Sunterra Foods or the Italian Centre. Is there a grocery store catering to the French population? Not that I've searched, but the only place I know for sure you can get them is this cheese place, whose name escapes me, on Salt Spring Island.

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  1. Sorry solo40 I would have suggested the Italian Centre or Sunterra as well. I know I have purchased them but just where and when I do not recollect. Perhaps it goes back as far as when Debaji's had one of their outlets on 109th Street across from St. Basil. I do know I used to purchase very good bulk cornichons there as well.

    Speaking of cheese, give Paddy's a call in the High Street Market and see if she carries them.

    Cannot think of a particular spot which specializes in French as opposed to Italian or Greek goods.

    I had a nicoise salad at L'Azia a while back and although I enjoyed it, particularly the tuna I chuckled as I was eating pitted, tinned black...likely Kalamatta...olives that definitely were not nicoise.

    Please let us know if you find a source.

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      Thanks, Bob. I'll call Paddy's. I recall now that the place I bought the Nicoise olives at is the Salt Spring Island Cheese Co, and Paddy's does sell some of their cheeses.

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        Your post brings back some fond memories. A number of years ago we were invited to visit someone who had moved from Vancouver to Salt Spring Island. They had a lovely home just up from the Vesuvius ferry landing where you walk down a rather steep stairway to a cove.

        We were there for the last Saturday market of the year toward the latter part of October and met and bought cheese from David Wood [?] who I think is the fellow pictured in your link.

        Good luck with your hunt for the nicoise olives, I will keep my eyes open.

        I do not get to Paddy's as often as I used to when the "original Paddy" opened his shop beside the French Meadows bread spot on Whyte Ave. It can be very busy at this time of year as people stock up for the holidays.

    2. My default answer remains "try Sobey's Urban Fresh" downtown on Jasper. As far as French items, the restaurant La Table de Renoir (just off Rice Howard Way) carries some specialty French food that I have not seen elsewhewre in the city. If those options fail, I might ask the good people at the La Table if they have ideas. Also, try Home Sense or Winners. I know they have carried them on occasion.

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        La Table is no more. Nasty break-up. Rumour of potential re-opening if new money can be located.

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          What? When? Geez it seems we were just there....that is terrible news, but thank you for it nonetheless.

      2. I have definitely purchased them at the Italian Centre - but I guess their selection of olives changes all the time. Perhaps a phone call to their deli manager would help you. I have also seen them once at Hellas Greek market. They have a variety of olives besides Greek ones - again, a phone call to the nice helpful family-run store would save you a wasted trip.

        1. FYI, on a holiday shopping spree I stopped at Zenaris in Manulife Place and noted they have a fair amount of French (and other) product for such a small space. Alas, no Nicoise olives, I looked.

          1. I just saw nicoise olives today at Zenari's in Manulife. They have four kinds of olives in jars - nicoise, picholine, provencal, and another that I've forgotten. I've now also forgotten the brand name, but they proudly stated on the label they were 'fine French olives'. As foodiesnorth notes, they do seem to have a nice sampling of french products.