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Dec 7, 2008 09:57 AM

Dominican Republic - Bocca Chica

Hi All,

I am off to the Dominican Republic on an all inclusive two week holiday for the Christmas/New Year period.

My resort is at Bocca Chica, so I am wondering has anyone any suggestions for a nice place to eat either there or in the surrounding areas?

One thing is that I live in Italy so would rather try traditional Caribbean food or anything really other than Italian food.


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  1. We were there (Oasis Hamaca) last week in May-first week in June. We ate all of our meals in the resort. We liked the buffet for breakfast and lunch and ate in the various restaurants for dinner. We thought the food was good. One of the restaurants in the resort is Dominican. Some of the choices in the buffet was island food as well.

    1. We ate at Boca Marina restaurant which is an absolutely beautiful room with tables out on a little pier under palm fronds. The food was pretty good too.

      If you want authentic Dominican food, I'd recommend Adrian Tropical in Santo Domingo (there's one on the Malecon) which is known for mofongo (mashed plantains with garlic and chicharrones) and asapao. We ended up eating several times there. Really good.