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Dec 7, 2008 08:33 AM

Dim Sum on a Monday?

I know that selection can be a bit more limited during the week and some places may be closed on Mondays. Any suggestions of my best bet to take some out of town visitors for a Monday brunch?

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  1. I don't think the answer to your question is any different from a general analysis of dim sum in Chinatown. I don't think any of the large, dim sum serving restaurants in Chinatown are closed on Monday. Indeed Monday is a big day for wedding banquets in Chinatown because a lot of Chinese restaurant workers (at smaller Chinese restaurants throughout the region) only get Mondays off, so that's the only day they can get married.

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      Yeah. Anyplace in Chinatown that serves dim sum on weekends serves it on weekdays, too. No reason to worry about more limited selections, either; the selection will be sufficient. Best bet? That depends whether you are really looking for the best food, or consider carts important. As Chandavkl mentions, there have been loads of threads on dim sum in Chinatown, so do a search. My standby and favorite in Chinatown is Dim Sum Go Go, on East Broadway right off Chatham Square. No carts, and everything is made to order, which makes it better if food freshness and quality are most important to you.

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        Not true!!! I went to 6 Chatham the day after Thanksgiving and they said they don't have dim sum carts like they do on the weekends on Fridays.-I thought-hmmm isn't Friday considered close enought to actual weekend? You had to order off menu so we left and went to Harmony Palace on Mott/Canal-great place

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          I guess that shows there's an exception to every rule, but I'm really surprised.

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            OK, but I'm not getting what about my post wasn't true. Plus, ordering off the menu means getting your food made to order, and therefore, fresh. I favor that.

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              I've gone to Chatham Sq Rest on a week day and its true they don't have carts but they have all teh same dimsum. you just have to order it off a dimsum menu and its made to order. there isn't the volume on weekdays like there is on weekends to justify making large batches and wheeling them around on carts. i actually think the quality is a little better on weekdays b/c everything is made fresh to order. this is particulalry true of the fried stuff - it gets cold and soggy within 5 minutes on a cart wandering around a restaurant. if it is brought to you straight away then it is piping hot.

        2. Dumbo West
          (down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass on the West Side of the East River
          in Chinatown)
          East Market Restaurant v/212-732-8886/8889/8885
          75-85 East Broadway -- 2nd floor
          NY, NY 10012

          Huge banquet hall with carts, buffet, good quality, fair prices.

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            hmm, so sort of across the street from the mall where 88 Palace is?...88 Palace used to be my go-to spot in that area, but the last time i went it was wretched...i'll try East Market sometime...

            re: "Dumbo West"...maybe "Dumbow"?

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              That's actually an interesting place to take visitors. That entire shopping center has the ambience of being somewhere on the Chinese mainland, and there's not a whole lot to remind one that the restaurant is in the United States (unless the pcitures from Hilary Clinton's fundraising banquet there are still on the wall). No English language dinner menu save a handful of items printed on the inside cover of the main menu. Certainly a different world.