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Dec 7, 2008 08:01 AM

Nuernberger’s German Bakery - excellent stollen

There are rotating types of stollens. This week it was either apple or cranberry almond. They will soon be selling German Christmas stollen. Maybe two weeks before Christmas.

The stollen all are made with quark. The cranberry almond also has rum in it. They make versions without rum as well. This was full of flavor, buttery with tiny bits of candied orange and lemon peel that were wonderful with the tangy cranberry. This was nicely finished with a snowy layer of powdered sugar.

Nuernberger’s sources many of his ingredients such as the flour from Germany.

He was also seling cookies. I had a sample of a delicious molasses star.

He doesn't put the actual German name on the plum pie (though a sign had it, someting starting with 'S' that was a lot of letters) . This was a soft type of buttery coffee cake with slices of what tasted like fresh plums in it.

He is currently selling at farmers markets. He was at the Saturday Pinole market and I think he sells at Concord on Sunday.

Nuernberger’s German Bakery
1354 Mt Pisgah Rd #4 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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