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Camellia Red Kidney Beans

I am having a hard time finding these in the LA area. I used to go to the Cajun Produce Market and Butcher (Gerrards) on Western and 54th, they have been gone for a few years. The fish fry place next to the old Stevies on the Strip, they do not carry any more. HELP, I needs my red beans for the New Year to bring us some good luck.

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  1. They always have Camellia beans at the New Orleans Fish Market. Which is mostly a "u buy we fry" sorts place.

    Parking in rear.

    2212 W Vernon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008, USA (323) 296-3817

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      I just saw that on the Gumbo Pages, I forgot about them. I called and it does not appear to be open today, darn!

    2. i second the fish market on vernon. although i've always called it the louisiana fish market. we've been getting our camellia beans from there for years. i tell people who want to make red beans after a trip to new orleans that they won't taste like louisiana if they not camellia beans.

      they also usually have black, lima(butter), pigeon, and black eyed peas too.

      i might add that they make a very good crawfish boudin sausage. yum.

      1. They are really slow during the week. Canned red beans are pretty good to if you are in a rush.

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          respectfully disagree that
          <<canned red beans are pretty good>>
          to my palate, canned beans are never pretty good.

        2. Get thee to a Bristol Farms...they carry a full line of Camellia products. I will be making RB&R tomorrow!!

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              After a long talk with a regional manager...Bristol is going to try and re-stock Camellia red beans...I showed him the CH website proving that there is definitely a market for the product...We shall see what happens!

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                wether or not ALL the bristol farms markets carry them, i have had amazing responsiveness from my neighborhood Bristol Farms.

                (i.e. they agreed to stock the Three Twins Organic Ice Cream in the MOCHA DIFFERENCE flavor. most places, would not go nearly this far for one customer)

            2. i get them at king's ranch market in monrovia, but i think other kings ranch markets carry them as well. i cannot make rbr without my camellias.

              1. After driving from Ventura to the New Orleans Fish Market, they were all out of Red beans.... they suggested the Buddha Market at 3753 W. Slauson 323-292-0305. It's a quirky little market with a giant golden Buddha guarding the entrance, but they have a full line of Camellia beans and the butcher has some great smoked Turkey Legs and tasso for a really rich flavored red beans and rice feast.

                1. Well, once again, it is becoming difficult to get Camellia Red Beans here in SoCal. For the last couple of years, Bristol Farms has been getting it for me by special order...but now their supplier will no longer supply them...and neither do the other vendors suggested in this thread...Sigh! Does anyone have a source for them in the greater SoCal area so I don't have to use mail order from LA or Amazon and the expense (cost and shipping) to acquire them!

                  I need my RB&R!!

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                    There is a Mexican Market in Monrovia, I think, on Huntington. It is in a Shopping Center with a Popeye's Fried Chicken. I go to visit a friend once a year and stop and get 2 or 3 bags.They have a small section of Camilla Brand Beans and a few Cajun / Creole products, it is there you just have to look hard.

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                      If you are referring to Baja Ranch Market (formerly Kings Ranch Market), they are completely out and don't know when they will be restocked. They also checked their sister stores for me and no joy!

                    2. re: TravelPath

                      Try TopValue markets. Not sure if they're stocked at all of the stores, but the one in Long Beach carries them.

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                          Thanks for the suggestion...they are currently out of Camellia but do have another LA brand that I might try!

                        2. re: MoonpieLover

                          Thanks! I will give them a try this weekend and report back!

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                            Personally, I just mail order them and save myself the grief. However, Natraliart on Washington stocks them. I don't know how fresh they are, which is half the point of Camelia, but they have them. And the attached restaurant makes excellent Jamaican beef patties.

                            And I know it's blasphemy, but I would humbly suggest that you try Rancho Gordo beans next wash day. Just once. I love the Sangre del Toro and Pinquito beans from them in red beans and rice.

                            On a related note, I really like Bob's Market for the andouille and smoked ham hock that I put in my red beans and rice. Where do you source your meats for this dish? I'm always looking to mix that dish up a bit.

                            1. re: cacio e pepe

                              I spent too many years in NOLA to switch beans now...but I do love me some Pinquito beans with my Santa Maria BBQ! I will check out Natraliart next week...it is closer to home than most of the other possibilities!! I currently get my andouille from Jacobs in La Place, LA and my ham hocks from a friend who smokes his own!! If I am desperate, I will use Savoies from Marcondas in the Farmers Market or the sausage from The European Sausage Shop in Beverly Hills.

                              I just noticed that Amazon carries Camelia red beans...6 2# bags for $20 with no shipping charge for Prime! This may be a possibility!!

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                                Check out Huntington Meats in The Farmer's Market, they make a good andouillie. The very best though is Paul Prudhomme's andouille, good luck in getting it here! Silva's brand is also a really good andouille. Some Ralph's and Von's carry them.

                                1. re: Burger Boy

                                  For some reason I don't care for the texture of the andouille at Huntingtons...and I have tried it a number of times...That being said, they do carry a good smoked sausage that I like to use as a side if I make my RB&R w/o andouille! I have seen it, but I have not tried Silvas...I will remedy this soon! I do like Prudhomme's andouille, but I prefer a bit more spice that I usually get from Jacobs and that from Vernons out of Lafayette...when I can get family/friends to send it to me!

                              2. re: cacio e pepe

                                The Camelia beans do have a freshness date on them

                                1. re: Burger Boy

                                  I forgot about that! They have some positively ancient products on the shelf next to those beans, though.

                                  @TravelPath: Amazon Prime is so worth it. Just joined this year and it's already paid for itself. I agree about the texture of Huntington's meat. It's a little firm for my taste. I still think it's a really good sausage, though. Just that Bob's andouille works better for me and it's closer. Bob's will also make any recipe you bring in, as long as you order 5# or more. Pretty cool.

                                  Thanks for the tip on Jacob's. I've actually never mail ordered meat, but I think I'll give these guys a try. Looks like a great company.

                                  1. re: cacio e pepe

                                    I will try Bob's...it is close to work for me so I will pick some up this week!...Do you by chance know if they will make boudain! This is one product that is only good when fresh...when I have ordered from LA, it usually is very mushy!

                                    And when you order form Jacobs, make sure you get some of their tasso and smoked sausage as well...so, so good!!...and their bacon is incredible as well...I just had some this morning!

                                    1. re: cacio e pepe

                                      Huntington also will make your custom recipe sausage, not sure of the amount, I think it is 5lbs but do not quote me, call them.

                                      1. re: Burger Boy

                                        Didn't know that about Huntington. Very cool.

                                    1. re: Burger Boy

                                      1650 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

                              3. re: TravelPath

                                I always get Camelia beans at Bo's Altadena Market in Altadena, on Altadena Dr. and Glenrose.

                                They generally carry not only kidney beans (red beans) but also other Camelia products such as Great Northern Beans and Blackeye Peas.

                                They also usually have a decent selection of other cajun/southern type products.

                                I generally stock up 20-30 lbs at a time, and it's cheaper to drive to this store than to mail order from Camelia in Louisiana.


                                1. re: trollbridge

                                  I saw them in an Albertson's in Placentia last week. I have also made great red beans with Rancho Gordo Sangre de Toro beans (the sacrilege).