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Dec 7, 2008 06:50 AM

Niagara on the Lake getaway

Good morning! Does anyone have suggestion for dinner/ lunch in the Niagara on the lake area? We are willing to travel outside that area to niagara falls (boo!) or St. Catherine's if there are great spots there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. What is your budget? This area has a lot of options. In NOTL, The Stone Road Grill is good, as are some of the bigger hotels. In Port Dalhousie (part of St. Catharines), Treadwells is good. Niagara Falls has a lot of options as well. I've heard really good things about AG but haven't been there myself. These are just a few suggestions, on the pricier side, but there are a lot of great restaurants. An idea of your budget and type of meal you are looking for will help with ideas.

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      Thanks. We are spending a fair amount on the accomdations, so we were hoping to spend less than $80-100 for dinner (if possible of course)

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        I would heartily second the rec for Treadwells in Port Dalhousie - I don't think it was more than a 20 minute drive from NOTL. The food, presentation and service were top-notch. In the summertime, it's pretty, because you can sit outside by the river - I don't find the dining room quite as atmospheric but I can't imagine there's better food anywhere in the area. I wish I could remember how much our meal cost - if you're hoping for $80-$100 for dinner for 2 all-in, I think it would be beyond that.

      2. Depending on the day of the week, SRG is not open for lunch. A charming spot is the Pie Plate in Virgil. Really good food, ambience, service and a nice if albeit limited wine list. You can't go wrong with their sandwiches, quice, meat pies and salads.

        1. if you are in Jordan, in Vineland, you must have lunch at Zooma Zooma cafe. Affordable, plentiful, lovely food and service.

          1. If trying to keep on a budget, I would recommend staying away from Niagara Falls, as my experience of the food there has been disappointing, and you're more likely to pay extra, cause you're in NF. I would heartily recommend Stone Road Grille, as possibly more reasonably priced than some of the hotel & winery restaurants, without sacrificing the quality of the food. Also, I have heard good things about Zest in Fonthill.


            Having eaten at Treadwells, I can third the recommendation, though I'm not sure it will fit your budget.

            1. Anna Olson's bakery in Port Dalhousie offers fantastic sandwiches and soup for lunch. I tried Stone Road Grill. The food was okay, but definitely ot great as I have read from many reviews on here. Although the prices are better than other places in the area, I still thought it was overpriced for what we got.

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                Anna Olson's bakery is not eat-in though, is it?

                1. re: Tatai

                  They have a few tables, as does their new store in St. Davids.

                2. re: LTL

                  That's too bad. I guess you never know...

                  For me, I have been to Olson Foods & Bakery a number of times, and each has been a mixed experience. I was quite disappointed with one of the sandwiches my husband and I ordered and thought it was definitely overpriced for what it was. The other was fine, though nothing that really stands out as superb. The baked goods are a mixed bag; some are wonderful, others look better than they taste, alas.

                  But, you're right. It's definitely another option.

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    I agree with your comment about the baked goods. A standout among the ones we tried was her take on a smores bar. I enjoyed it very much because the marshmallows were still gooey, graham crackers crispy but still moist, and overall not too sweet. As for the sandwiches, I tried both the roast beef with aged smoked cheddar (very simple but beautifully executed) - which was fantastic when dipped into the hearty tomato soup - and their Thanksgiving themed sandwich (cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey) which was definitely my favourite.