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Help!!!! This Is My First Event??

I am having a (New Year's Day) Brunch Buffet My first event for about 30 people or more I have my menu and budget prepared. I would like someone to give advice on how much is needed to feed my party of 30 so they can be satisfied I went over and over it. But I just love suggestions and advice it!!! Menu:(Beverages) Apple juice, Orange, and Pineapple Punch
Coffee various flavors Traditional How many Eggs? Should I purchase Biscuits, Bacon etc... Help Someone please!!! I would be so grateful

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  1. You might get more responses on the home cooking board with this one but I'd recommend making a lot of stratas. You can make them in advanced (day before), and bake before serving, keeping warm on a chafing dish. You would have everything, bacon, eggs, ham, whatever you want, in one dish. On the side, you could do fruit/fruit salad, maybe bagels and a variety of cream cheeses. Keep it simple. The more options you have, the more people will eat. Things like eggs don't keep well. If you need some ideas for stratas, I can post some.

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      Thank you so much sounds yummy and different!!! We need to try something new Happy Holidays!!!

    2. I know this seems obvious and you've most likely considered this, but a lot of guests will be coming off of the effects of some serious partying. I don't know how well things that are overly heavy or greasy will go over in general - it's no problem offering dishes like this, but I'd keep them to a minimum. Your juice suggestions should work well. I see you're in Florida - fresh fruit might be great - simple fruit salad? And I agree with Chowser - keep it simple for a lot of reasons. Stratas and other foods (maybe a well-made light clear soup made with some tender veggies and maybe a light meat like chicken with a couple of nice bread choices?) you can prepare the day before will allow you be able to enjoy the get-together as well. You're their to host but I am sure your friends want you to be a part of the gathering - not just throw it. :)

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        Exactly--I've had parties where I felt like hired help because I had no time to socialize.

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          Aren't heavy carb-laden and greasy dishes just what one needs after a night of serious partying?

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            I can only speak for my stomach - no.

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              Yes, most definitely. It will also probably serve as the biggest meal of the day for most (sleep in - eat large brunch - start feeling like the time for holiday overindulgence is over and pick at leftovers for dinner).

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              Thanks for all your help Fruit is a great dish it will fill up stomachs and tire them out!! i love this site i really didn't mean to place this blog here but it worked out in my favor

            3. When we lived in Seattle we had a NYD brunch every year. I'd put out a couple waffle makers with batter and various mixins and toppings available for folks to mkae their own, make a couple stratas(one with meat, one without), put out a plate of sausage and bacon, and a big bowl of fruit salad. Still plenty of Christmas sweets around at that point so a plate full of those as well.

              Juice, champagne, and coffee and call it Happy New Year!

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                I need to look into the waffle idea!! Better than pancakes not taste wise but convenient for the family to use I must go with the fruit that is highly suggested!! it is a wonderful suggestion from u all

              2. I used to work in catering and one of easiest ways to serve eggs at an event with a large group of people is in a fritatta - which is like a quiche... but without the cream and the pastry crust. To make one for a crowd - beat 20 eggs in a bowl, stir in some fillings - use your imagination here - like chopped cooked ham or bacon, cheese, chopped cooked spinach, or tomatoes. Mix together well. Pour in a very large, oiled, rectangular baking dish (the largest you have - or use 2) - should pour to about an inch high, and bake in a moderate oven (350-375 degrees) until set. Should be springy to the touch. To serve, cut into squares.

                The best way to cook bacon for a large group of people is to cook it in the oven, on a baking sheet covered with baking paper/foil. Spread the bacon out, sprinkle it with some brown sugar and a little dash of cayenne pepper (yum!) and bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes - depending on how crispy you like your bacon.

                How much to buy of each ingredient, depends on your group...If you've got a lot of men/big appetites, then you'll need to buy more than you would for, say, a group of ladies. Young people tend to eat more than the elderly. Also, you're doing a new years day brunch, and if your group of 30 have been drinking heavily the night before, (I disagree with bulavinaka) they are going to need lots of rich heavy foods to help absorb all that alcohol. Biscuits would be great! They are inexpensive and filling! Have them with some sliced ham, or set them out with a variety of some home-made jams/preserves. I love ziggylu's waffle idea! Or pancakes would be great too! Hope this helps! Good luck!

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                  Here are some random thoughts. My assumption is that you are setting this up kind of buffet-style.

                  * The fritatta idea, and the strata idea are both great. You will find a lot of versions on line if you do a search for "breakfast casserole". You can provide various toppings, like salsa, cheese, crumbled bacon. Most of the breakfast casseroles use cubed bread, and are therefore hearty, and capable of soaking up alcoholic excesses.

                  * Home fries can be done ahead. Or, borrowing an idea from a thread over on the home cooking site, how about potato latkes (potato pancakes)? You can use white potatoes only, a mix of white & sweet, or even add some veggies for color (grated, squeezed dry zucchini, or grated carrot). They can be made ahead of time, then frozen. Heat in a single layer in the oven before serving.

                  * Individual (mini) quiche in different varieties? Or a couple of varieties of full-sized quiche.

                  * How about doing your fresh fruit up in plastic champagne glasses, with a sprig of mint? This avoids having to stop & hold up the buffet line to dish out fruit, and looks very cool. The guest just picks up a glass and walks away.

                  * I'm also thinking that sweet items should be "finger food", or small bites.

                  * If you have any Jewish friends, try to get a good recipe for a kugel, which can be either sweet or savory. That would sit well on a buffet & could be made ahead.

                  * And an old morning after fave: creamed chipped beef on English muffins. You can play with the recipe to make it less humble & more "gourmet".

                  * A make-your-own bloody mary bar?

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                    Love it Love it Heavy Food is moslty for the New Year's eve's party goers anyway!! i do have alot of men to feed and younger people!! The can use a few carbs for that day!! lol

                  2. New Year's Day?

                    People are going to be nursing hangovers, well, my friends anyway.

                    Biscuits and gravy

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                        Send me your recipe for those kanyaferrell2004@yahoo.com

                    1. I am not a huge fan of frittatas, etc., but I do love bagels! They are cheap and you can set out a variety of them (in addition to the other stuff) with butter, cream cheese (plain and flavored), jellies and jams, peanut butter, etc. Extra bonus points (in my book) for lox and the fixin's as well! YUM. You can even put out cold cuts and cheese for bagel sandwiches, especially if it's a more "lunch time" brunch.

                      You could also put out a ham, if you like. That works for lunch-type eats, sandwiches and breakfast food, so you cover all your bases. Hams work, imo, both hot and cold, which is easier.

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                        I will try bagels we can warm them up for those who like them warm Great idea!!

                      2. You can put out an 'Israeli' style breakfast with a couple of additions. I would say bagels, cream cheeses, lox, whitefish, fava bean salad, olives, assorted hard and soft cheeses, and two casseroles- one egg based and the other carb based. You can do calsones (baked egg noodle and 'ravioli' dish) and a frittata. Also one "fancy" dish looks like you spent a ton of time preparing everything, like phyllo wrapped asparagus or mini spinach tarts.

                        Of course definitely put out juices, a pot of coffee, and some hot water and lemon for tea.

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                          Cheesecake your just putting all of the things together for me eggs and bread so geneious of u!! Do u cater by the way??? or have u had gatherings would love to hear more ideas from u as well

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                            I don't cater.. but I'm always having friends over. Most of my friends are picky eaters so I'm usually putting out more food than I need to.

                            Another idea- a fruit platter and vegetable platter with dips. Perfect for those who want to eat light.

                        2. Devilled eggs are another make-in-advance egg dish. For that size group, I would personally do mini quiches and devilled eggs, smoked salmon & bagels, fruit, coffee cake/muffins - basically, I would avoid any cooking once my guests actually arrive. That way you can relax and enjoy a bit.

                          1. I do a new year's day party every other year, last year we had a cheese and egg strata, a spiral cut ham with a cardamon, ginger and mustard glaze, waldorf salad with gorgonzola dulce, buttermilk coffee cake, bagels, cream cheese - plain and flavored, coffee, tea, juice, and champagne cosmopolitan punch.

                            A good friend brought a carrot cake and a baba au rhum as well

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                              Please email the recipe for the cosmo punch!!! kanyaferrell2004@yahoo.com

                            2. RE: Biscuits

                              I've been using Pillsbury frozen Southern Style biscuits lately when I have crowds. They're close to the refrigerated type in ease of preparation, but look and taste much more like homemade.

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                                Thanks Mamsciita I have coupons for those exact ones I am so ready 4 it to begin!!!

                              2. 30 people? I'd hire a bartender.