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Dec 7, 2008 05:07 AM

La Voile lately?

Taking our pip squeaks (very adventurous eaters) to La Voile next Sunday before the Grinch show, but can't read a word of this website: (Is it my browser? Or their design?)

Hoping for Chow-suggestions on not-to-be-missed items here. Any board favorites recently?

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  1. Ooooh, another website designed by someone with no web experience.Never use script on the web, esp. that small.
    Plus, for type, you have to use one of the universal font, or browsers will pick a default...Somehow, the script got used here is WAYYYYYY to bitmapped a form....Maybe Jack Hamilton, the designer whose page hosts the site, will see this and make it legible for us all!

    1. I'll try to walk by and take a look at the menu this week and make a couple of suggestions. If the sweetbreads or lamb shank are there, I'd suggest those.

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      1. re: BostonZest

        The sweetbreads are on the dinner menu, the lamb is not. Lunch is salads and sandwiches, Steak frites, risotto, from what I saw today. I didn't see a weekend brunch menu out there. Perhaps it is lunch menu.

        1. re: BostonZest

          Bummer, the lamb and sweetbreads were both on the dinner menu last time I was there. It does change often, so hopefully the lamb will be back.

          I did see squab once on the dinner menu, walking by, but have not yet tried it.

      2. BostonZest nails it: The sweetbreads (in a morel cream sauce) and lamb shake (braised and served with flageolets) are not only their two best items, but amazing in an absolute sense.

        I also like the house-made terrines, bone marrow, and sole meuniere.

        The key to La Voile is knowing what it is: Its a traditional southern French brasserie. Rustic, not refined.


        1. I had lunch there on Sat. and it was good. The kids will definitely like the croque monsieurs w/ fries and a little salad (if they don't want to be adventurous). That's what I got even tho I ordered the croque madame. Oh well, it was easier to take home half the monsieur cuz I didn't realize fries came with the sandwiches, so it was a good sized plate of food. Plus some good bread and butter (altho the butter came out WAY too cold and hard). Salad and fries were yummy as was the sandwich, $11. A few French people there. Didn't see what others had. Service was pretty good (except for the obvious wrong order). I definitely prefer the Bouchee room (esp. the bar area) and while I know lots of people here aren't thrilled with that place, have had a couple great duck salads and flatbreads.

          1. If you wanted to see their menu in full you could go to That may help a touch.

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              Oh! Great suggestion. Menu pages had it! Thanks, Tasi.