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Dec 7, 2008 12:11 AM

Fun Things to do with Bacon?

My office is doing a holiday breakfast party, and I would like to bring something unusual. I was thinking of cooking thick cut bacon, then dressing it up with... what? brushed with honey and black pepper? sprinkled with coarse sugar and broiled? Has anyone done something like this? Methods? Ideally I would like something a little sweet and spicy, that you can pick up and eat without it being too messy.

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  1. This week's food section in the LA Times has an feature that lists a lot of fun and interesting things to do with bacon. It even includes a bacon martini.

    1. Bacon donuts, bacon cupcakes, or for the less adventiurous, bacon and chive scones.

        1. I make spicy chocolate (cayenne) covered bacon. I love it.

          for a pic

          1. i like the idea of splitting the bacon lengthwise (then dust with some brown sugar), then wrapping it along a cheese straw to bake, like a barber's pole -- or adult candy cane. in fact, that would be cute to add a "crook" at the top of the cheese straw. i'll bet those would be wolfed down.

            mini-cheddar bay biscuits from "red lobster" fame, with minced bacon and chives added, sound like a real savory winner, too. make it sweet by splitting the mini-biscuit and adding in some fig (or other fave) jam. yum. yum. yum.