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Fun Things to do with Bacon?

My office is doing a holiday breakfast party, and I would like to bring something unusual. I was thinking of cooking thick cut bacon, then dressing it up with... what? brushed with honey and black pepper? sprinkled with coarse sugar and broiled? Has anyone done something like this? Methods? Ideally I would like something a little sweet and spicy, that you can pick up and eat without it being too messy.

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  1. This week's food section in the LA Times has an feature that lists a lot of fun and interesting things to do with bacon. It even includes a bacon martini.


    1. Bacon donuts, bacon cupcakes, or for the less adventiurous, bacon and chive scones.

        1. I make spicy chocolate (cayenne) covered bacon. I love it.

          for a pic

          1. i like the idea of splitting the bacon lengthwise (then dust with some brown sugar), then wrapping it along a cheese straw to bake, like a barber's pole -- or adult candy cane. in fact, that would be cute to add a "crook" at the top of the cheese straw. i'll bet those would be wolfed down.

            mini-cheddar bay biscuits from "red lobster" fame, with minced bacon and chives added, sound like a real savory winner, too. make it sweet by splitting the mini-biscuit and adding in some fig (or other fave) jam. yum. yum. yum.

              1. I devein shrimp and add a sliver of jalapeno (leave some seeds if you want more heat) where the vein was. Wrap in bacon, secure w/ toothpick. Place on baking sheet, sprinkle w/ brown sugar and bake. You can sweet, salty and spicy all at once.

                1. Whenever you need anything to do with bacon, including bacon cinnamon muffins ( I tried; they were so-so), check out these 2 sites:



                  1. There's a Food&Wine magazine recipe for Maple-Glazed Bacon on Gorgonzola Polenta Squares that looks delicious and is finger food.

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                      bacon with cheese grits -- all fancied up! i'm so there.....

                    2. Yeah, you kind of hit the nerve of the current culinary zeitgeist. Bacon brownies, maple-bourbon ice cream with bacon, maple-bacon lollipops, caramel apple butter on bacon and cornbread, bacon caramel corn...it's endless.

                      When I'm going for simple and easy to eat, I do bacon-wrapped dates, either plain, or stuffed, which makes a great base to riff off of with spices, fillings, and dips. But along the lines of what you are thinking, what about curing/ just broiling the bacon with sweeted ras-al-hanout, or garam masala, then dipping it in chocolate? You could roll a few in chopped nuts, and add some tart fruit to others to offset it. Alternately, you could really go all-out with the sweet and spicy, and make a spiced, bacon-pecan praline.
                      If you've got time, how does bacon with butterscotch, apple leather, and thyme sound?

                      You could always serve miniature versions of these, but you might have to make your co-workers sign a health waiver. http://www.slashfood.com/2008/08/28/k...

                      1. I saw something just recently (not sure where!) that I am going to try.....wrap a short piece (maybe 2 inches long) of bacon around a short piece of thick carrot and cook standing up till bacon is crisp. Remove the carrot and you have a tube that you can fill with some type of mousse or whatever. I think it was done with a smoke salmon pate. Sorry to be vague but now I'm scratching my head as to whether this was at a magazine rack or on TV!!! Hopefully you get the gist.....

                        1. This does not meet any of your criteria, but I have to post anyway just for future reference.

                          Fill for lunch with BLT and avocado salad.

                          1. There's a super simple recipe for Brown Sugar Bacon in the book "Everything Tastes Better with Bacon": sprinkle brown sugar on thick cut pepper bacon. Wait until the bacon starts to brown before adding the sugar. Can be sprinkled on one or both sides, depending on how much sweetness you want.

                            1. My mum's standby canapes when I was growing up was a prune wrapped with bacon, speared with a toothpick and broiled until the bacon was crispy. A simple, delicious combination of sweet and salty.
                              I've seen endless variations of this since: date wrapped in bacon, stuffing the prune/date with blue cheese, the possibilities are endless.
                              Bonus: Easy to eat and pretty non-messy.

                              Hope the party goes well!

                              1. I just had a maple & bacon donut that was great. Imagine a maple glazed donut topped with crispy applewood smoked bacon chunks. Sounds strange, tastes great.

                                  1. Probably an old one, but asparagus wrapped in bacon? Might not keep well.

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                                      "I make spicy chocolate (cayenne) covered bacon. I love it"

                                      That is one of my favorite bacon treats.