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Dec 6, 2008 10:31 PM

Tandoor E India - Oakhurst, NJ

This is our go to place for Indian food in the local area and my wife and I have been here many times. Just never think to mention them on this board. Typical Indian fare with a nice however not a large selection. Tonight we had chicken tika and chicken vindaloo along with onion kulcha, yogurt ,pickled lime and basmati rice. Delicious, with plenty left over to take home. Decent space, very nice people and it is a BYOB. All for $38 before tax and tip. In the times of the $20 hamburger this place is a bargain indeed. If you like Indian food - give them a try.

1610 State Route 35 south
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
(732) 531-1944

Closed Sunday

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  1. Thanks for the rec. Good Indian restaurants are scarce around here.
    Do you know if they do a buffet. If so, have you tried it?

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    1. re: val ann c

      Val Ann C,

      We have not tried it, but they do buffet for dinner as well as lunch. Approx. $20 / $10 accordingly. By the way if you like very hot (spiced) food you can request it here and they will deliver the real deal. But, you must make it very clear to them that you can take your food in this manner. Some of the hottest dishes we have ever encountered were here and this is after many years of eating Indian and Thai food well spiced to compare it with.

      1. re: val ann c

        hi Val,

        I've been going to Tandoor e on and off since about 2000 and their buffet is consistently good.

        When I went there for the first time I absolutely hated the place. Their food doesn't taste like any other indian buffet I've tasted. It's hard to describe but to me it tastes like something your mom or grandmother would make at home, rather than restaurant food.

        Once I got used to the different flavor here I started to appreciated the place more and more. At 10$ for a lunch buffet it's definitely worth a try if you like indian.

        When I first went there with my indian co-worker, I thought he was crazy when he said it was his favorite indian joint in the area. Now I, I sort of agree with him.

        of course, ANY indian restaurant in our area is a treat, but I think this place is worth a try.

        1. re: joonjoon

          It is very good!!! I visit often from Chicago and am spoiled by all the great Indian restaurants on Devon Avenue....but this is as good if not better and very homestyle

          The Samosa's are spicy but delicious, and the best Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lamb curry

          The blonde-haired blue eyed waitress imported from the local high school( certainly not Indian) brought me back to the fact that I was in New Jersey...not new Delhi!!!

          1. re: joonjoon

            Any news on this since 2008/2009?

            1. re: aacharya

              Hey Aacharya,

              The food at Tandoor e India continues to be outstanding and consistent. I would HIGHLY recommend this as a place to try if you haven't yet. I've had many different dishes (sometimes it is hard to order something different because I LOVE so many things) and I've always enjoyed everything. The buffet is also a nice option; delicious, fresh and a nice mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items that even those who eat meat (like me) can really enjoy!

              1. re: ellinj0206

                I agree with ellinnj0206. The food at Tandoor is excellent and I eat there on average twice a month. My favorite dishes are the chicken tikka masala and the chicken kurma. The good thing about this place is that they are not afraid to make the dishes spicy once you convince them you can handle it. As an added bonus, the owner is very friendly and accommodating. A link to their menu is below.


        2. The food is absolutely outstanding. I have eaten in plenty of "up scale" Indian restaurants or places that are supposed to be some of the best in NY, Boston and even London and this place blows them away!

          The buffet, while a little pricy when you first look at the cost is terrific. It's a great "introduction" to Indian food for someone who has never had it, and provides wonderful variety to those who are even vegetarian and have food restrictions.
          The buffet is always consistent, tastes fresh and hot! They tend to switch up the offerings, so most times you go besides the typical staples such as tandoori chicken, rice and naan you will not find the same thing at the buffet---which is nice!

          Ordering off the menu is even more delicious (as if it can get any better!). The nice thing about ordering off the menu is that you can ask for it as hot (or mild) as you like and they will cook it to your specifications. My favorite off-the-menu item is chicken shahi korma. Always delicious with just enough kick. Add some naan (and of course, the vegetable pakora appetizer to start) and this is a terrific meal. Also, delicious enough to note are the mango lassis. So sweet and just yummy!

          The wait staff (generally the owner's daughter and her friends) are terrific, attentive, know how to get your order right, and never rush you. The inside decor while not glitzy (or tacky) is nice and comfortable and you can go there and just enjoy a terrific, always consistently good meal.

          Bring your appetite and tastebuds---this is not a place to miss!

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          1. re: ellinj0206

            Nice review. Will certainly give it a try.

          2. We still go to Tandoor E India once in awhile and it is still good but we also like Noor Palace in East Brunswich which is a tad better as far as both the food and ambiance. You can't go wrong with either however.