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Dec 6, 2008 10:17 PM

Trader Joe's in Palo Alto Town & Country Center?

I heard there's going to be a Trader Joe's in Palo Alto Town & Country Center. No mention on TJ website. Anyone know when it'll open & where it'll be exactly?

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  1. They are just starting the work on it, so a long ways off. It appears to be going into the back parking lot - so the farthest spot back from El Camino, near Sushi House.

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    1. re: igj

      There is a sign that says Spring 2009 but I think that is ambitious. I am excited. I hope it's more like the one in Menlo Park than the one in San Antonio shopping center which isn't nearly as good.

      1. re: ZestyZ

        Hopefully it'll be a free-standing store and not share a building like Lakeshore.
        I've had a number of customers come back to shopping in Alameda because of the set-up over there and the *one-huge-line-where-you can't-pick-your-cashier*
        I'd encourage you to e-mail your suggestions to TJ's Corporate and let them know what
        you'd like to see in *your* new neighborhood store.