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Jan 8, 2004 04:10 PM

Lunch in Simi Valley?

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I'm going to a Bat Mitzva in Simi Valley. If I get there early , where should I have lunch?

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  1. Do a search - somebody just posted a list of the few good places they have found. SV is fairly hopeless.

    I eat at Sharky's, which is a chain, but at least the food is fresh and the salsa is dang good. My favorites are the Killer Hot and Sharky's Original, which is more finely ground than pico de gallo.

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      Here's my post.

      Your best bets are:
      Don Cucos (for sit-down, combo-plate Mexican food),
      Taqueria Jalisco (note my rec is based on just a few bites of a very good chicken burrito), and
      Mavericks (for BBQ).

      There's also a place called Sub Contractor that used to serve up some good, large, veggie laden subs. It's been a very long time since my last visit, but I hear it's still good.

      Don't expect anything great at any of these. I'm just helping you to avoid ending up at one of the many awful places.



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        Don cuco's in Burbank--the name can't be a coincidence--has been good for years. SV is pretty much a wasteland but the locals claim the barbeque on LA Avenue is pretty good.

    2. Your best bet - have lunch in the Valley ! ;-)

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        Despite the hard work I've put into helping those in need in Simi, I wouldn't argue with your suggestion one bit!