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Kogi Korean Taco Truck! Wow!!

After reading so much about Kogi Taco Truck, I couldn't wait any longer and we drove tonight all the way from SCV to UCLA area (Landfair & Ophir). WOW!! Totally worth the drive!
Great tacos! Full of great flavors! Tonight's special was Kogi BBQ Pork Hot Dog with Homemade Korean Ketchup, and it was very good! We tried almost everything in their menu. They have chicken, pork and short rib tacos, all were equally delicious.
We also ordered a short rib slider, so good, with very interesting flavors, and very good texture. They also serve a tofu/vegan taco, but we didn't try it.
In their truck everything looked spotless, very shiny, organized and clean. We arrived a little early to the corner were they were to be located, they were not there yet, but there was people already waiting for them, very soon the truck arrived, and the line of customers just kept growing.
Mark, Chef Roy, and everybody else were genuinely friendly, and polite, it was a great experience. Can't wait to go back, and I highly recommend you to try their food.
They have a website, and you can also follow them with twitter, so you know their exact location.


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  1. I was wondering if anyone had tried them yet! The food on their website looks amazing, I can't wait to see it in person!

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      It is amazing food. We can't stop talking about it here at home. We are already making plans for next weekend. Last night some people were making line again for second rounds of food. They start at around 7:00 PM, at the UCLA location.

    2. Again, more people will be posting about this unique place I presume, it desreves the hype.The chef and owners are passionate food people and make great Korean tacos.I went to a tasting and they were magnificent.

      1. I can't wait to try it. Do you know if it's cash only?

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          Yes, I am almost 100% sure that it is cash only.

        2. Parking seems to be a bit difficult at Landfair & Ophir. Any suggestion?

          1. with a wait supposedly of an hour sometimes: is kogi worth my time?

            1. OMG, I am in love....these tacos are soooooooooooo delish....

              Even my parents wanted me to get them some more....

              Too bad, that old security guard at the church was giving y'all a hard time yesterday...please come back next Sunday!

              I can't wait...I might have to track you down during the week...

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                they sound incredible! korean food is so good

              2. Now that I have seen all of these glowing reviews, I'd like to offer my two cents.

                I visited the Kogi truck on Saturday night (12/6) at the Hollywood location. Luckily, there was no line when I got there (literally about a minute after the truck was parked), so ordered and received my food fairly quickly--BBQ beef taco, spicy pork taco, and the special, which was the BBQ chicken quesadilla w/ pomegranate.

                While the tacos were good--particularly the veggies on top--they were oversauced and difficult to eat because of that.

                The quesadilla was another story. The tortilla was soggy, silghtly gummy, and cold; the cheese, which I could tell had been melted at some point in the evening, was not so when I picked up my order; and the pomegranate on top seemed like an afterthought to the dish rather than a complement. The whole dish just seemed undercooked.

                I do not doubt that this truck will do well, as the buzz that it has generated has been pretty amazing. I know there are still kinks to work out, especially after having just opened a few weeks ago, but based on my first experience, I would not jump at the chance to go again.

                So, my suggestions to Kogi BBQ: 1) Could you consider cooking your food for just a bit longer? Though there may be lines and people waiting, I believe the quality of the food should come first and foremost--the wait will, then, be well worth it. 2) Be open to feedback, whether it's positive or otherwise. As I was leaving the truck, I heard one of the Kogi people say that he "loves criticism" and would like to know what the customers thought of the food. (He was the one standing outside of the truck encouraging passers-by to try the food.) When I approached him, wanting to let him know how our experience was, he had absolutely no interest in listening to anything I said. "Criticism" should entail both the positive and the negative, shouldn't it?

                1. I have to say that, yes the line is long, but moves quite fast. You can tell that they are very well organized, one person is just taking orders, you get a number, they call you as soon as your food is ready (no time for the food to get cold) and the wait is not that long, at least this is what I saw and experienced when we were there.
                  They are very serious about their food, and Chef Roy is an experienced cook, and judging by the food they are serving, along with their customer service, you can tell that they all know what they are doing.
                  We didn't try the quesadilla, when we were there (UCLA location) on Saturday 12/06 the special was BBQ Pork Hot Dog.

                  1. Alright... were is my raza? Time to take Korean cuisine and up it a notch with some great Adobos, Salsa & Moles.... who is with me for some payback to this transgression? =)

                    Might L.A. be developing a native cuisine with world class depth!

                    1. Went to the truck last Sat, and I was very impressed! The tacos were delicious. I had 2 spicy pork and one short rib taco. Don't quite know what was on them, but it was an interesting fusion of Korean BBQ and Tacos - 2 of my favs, and very delicious. My SO had the short rib burrito, which was also good, but not up to the par of the tacos. We tried their special that night which was a Asian Pear salad with honey balsam vinaigrette, but it was just ok.

                      Also, love that they post when they arrive at their spot, so you don't drive out there and not find them. Wish all the taco trucks would do this!

                      1. I'm interested and this will be in my area tomorrow. Will check it out.

                        How much are the tacos?

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                          this sound good. do they just stay at that corner or do they move around?

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                            I just found out about this too , on their website (http://kogibbq.com/ ) it lists where they will be , it sounds tasty. This is a smart idea especially since Korean food is pretty trendy right now.

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                            $2 for tacos, $5 burritos specials run about $5.
                            I had a special salad of theirs w/ tofu and rice cake "croutons" and it was really nice. not as nice as the tacos though.

                          3. I heard they come to Silverlake, does anyone know when and where? Thanks

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                              It's on their webpage.

                              Tmr sunset junction, 930-12. I'll be there.

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                                You can also subscribe to their twitter, and they keep you updated of their location.
                                Check their website, there you can find their weekly schedule.

                            2. K dropped by last night. I'm big on taco zone so the bar was set pretty high. Got there, about 20-30 people waiting around, definitely in the right place. Waited 20-30 minutes to receive our orders. Got 2 short rib + 2 spicy pork.

                              My thoughts: spicy pork is so not spicy. Spicy pork bulgolgi texture. Both tacos topped with what seems like the generic asian style salad with dressing. Doesn't matter to me, as it's freaking delicious. Same deal with the short rib taco, except with short rib =P

                              Anyway, they're really sweet, and aren't quite as satisfying as taco zone (to me). That said, they have a very addictive quality and I'd eat them all day long. A bit greasy though, way greasier than taco zone. I'd say el taurino greasy.

                              2 bucks per taco, burrito seems like a better value at 5 bucks, 2 bucks for drinks, served ice ice ice cold.