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Tamales by the dozen in Pasadena

We usually get our tamales at Tamales Liliana. We'd like to find a place that's closer to home than East LA. Would love some suggestions...

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    1. re: profberta

      There used to be a Mexican bakery on the east side of Allen somewhere around Orange Grove. They had tamales that were made on site. Sorry my recollection is sketchy and I don't even know if they are still there.

      1. re: Sam D.

        There is a Mexican grocery and I think perhaps restaurant on Villa at Allen - is that the place you're thinking of?

        1. re: Will Owen

          the mexican market is Linda Rosa...next door is Puebla Tacos No.2, just next to the Armenian Palace at the n/e corner of Allen and Villa. PT No. 2 is not related to the market, which, having changed ownership a number of times in the past few years, has (unfortunately) long since stopped making tamales (last known circa 1994?)...but you might check to see if Puebla Tacos No. 2 makes them during the holidays. they aren't on their menu, but I used to see people walking in there with soup pots on weekends...not sure, and they might have been filling up with menudo...but worth checking to find out since their chile rellenos, siete mares, and other non-taco fare is pretty good.

          Puebla Tacos
          1819 E Villa St, Pasadena, CA 91107

    2. Enrique's Tamales in Monrovia, just a bit east of Pasadena on the corner of Colorado and Ivy, one block east of Myrtle. If you get the Coupon Gazette for the area, they have a coupon right now for $18 per dozen or $10 for half.

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        2nd Enrique's. They were passing out samples at the Monrovia Farmer's Market Friday. Very good!

      2. This will be too late for this Christmas, but Mama's Hot Tamales is scheduled to be open early next quarter at 45 N. San Gabriel Blvd.

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          Is that the big red barn that used to be Los Gueros and a Peruvian place before that?

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            I really couldn't tell you, but it's just north of Colorado on the left side of the street looking north.

        2. I really like Mom's Tamales (not to be confused with Mama's) in Lincoln Heights, which is an easy jaunt from Pasadena up the 110. But they also deliver. The spinach cheese are particularly delicious and they serve an excellent salsa. I will add that they havea charming funky patio with tables and serve tamales and great tostadas. Run by two generations of a really warm family.

          Mom's Tamales
          3328 Pasadena Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90031

          (323) 226-9383

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          1. re: Layne Murphy

            I've never heard of Mom's and I'm not far from there. Sounds delish so I'll definitely have to give them a try. Thanks Layne.

          2. You can order tamales for Christmas (I don't know if it's too late now) at La Paloma in Duarte just about 5 minutes away from the 210:

            La Paloma
            1216 Duarte Rd.
            Duarte 626-357-5124

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            1. re: raytamsgv

              Wow! Thank you to all. These are not for Christmas...just my son's birthday party this Sunday.

            2. I'm not that familiar with the Farmers Markets over there but if Corn Maiden is at any of them, you can call their office in Harbor City ahead of time and place an order and then pick it up at the Farmers Market. They'll do mini tamales too.

              1. There's a great place in El Monte called Maria's...it's on the corner of Peck Road and Lower Azusa Road right next to the CVS. They're gooooooood (although, as a "silly white girl" as my coworkers call me, I don't know how valid my opinion is =p). I've never had a problem with them running out unless I go late in the evening...usually if I'm going to stop by after work I just call in and make an order. Their number is (626) 444-8109. Enjoy!