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Dec 6, 2008 07:28 PM

Visiting Vancouver, need 3 picks for dinner

will be visiting vancouver for several days involving 3 dinners. staying downtown, but have car. once upon a time, these were my top vancouver picks (you can get an idea of my taste and price range). but i heard there are good new ones, too.

question: which 3 should i choose, either from my old list or the new ones? i can fit in a nice lunch as well. many thanks for the help!

my old top choices:
blue water
lumiere (and the a la carte sister next door)

my old second choices:
kamei royale
diva at the met

izakaya (which i love, and i will probably fit them in for late night snacks or may be even dinner):
gyoza king

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  1. My picks would be:

    Blue Water
    Gastropod or Fuel
    Chambar or Boneta

    There are quite a few I haven't been to yet that look worthy: Cibo, Campangolo, etc.

    (BTW Lumiere is gone - replaced with Daniel Boulud's new spot.)

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    1. re: fmed

      not to hijack the post but I can't seem to locate DB"s new restaurant in Vancouver (online). fmed, help!??? =)

      1. re: gourmet wife

        I found a separate URL for DBBM on Opentable ( for the bistro but it just redirects to this link, gw:

        Not much mention of the bistro but if you click around you find this blurb:

        Lumière will reopen in December 2008 in partnership with Chef Daniel Boulud. Complimenting Lumière will be the addition of DB Bistro Moderne, a casual but chic bistro combining the tradition of French cuisine with the bounty of the Granville markets. This is Daniel’s first foray into Canada and we are excited to share his culinary vision with Vancouver’s dynamic dining scene. He will work hand in hand with Lumière Chef Dale MacKay and DB Bistro Moderne Chef Stephane Istel, each a noted talent in his own right.

        We will begin taking reservations on opening day. The new restaurants will feature a private dining room accommodating up to 20 guests. To reserve this space, please contact Paul Quinn at

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        1. re: grayelf

          It is supposed to open this Wednesday (Dec 10).

    2. I would suggest..
      Bin 941/942

      A variety of cuisine at a reasonable price, nothing too fancy but great food.