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Dec 6, 2008 07:13 PM

Garlic on Wailae in Kaimuki -- bad experience

I was very excited to try Garlic on Wailae ave and was meeting up with my husband there last night. We were both running late and I called to see what time they served until -- the nice lady on the phone told me 9:30 so I put our name in for 9:15. First when I got there I could not find parking. I called and a rude guy on the phone told me the kitchen was closed and he had no recs for parking. I said I had put my name in and I was told the kitchen was open. He woudln't answer me when I asked if the kitchen was open -- I decided I would still give it a try and see if they would seat me. When I finally found a spot up the block and walked in no one came to talk to me for awhile. One guy finally came up to me and seemed annoyed "was that you on the phone? Let me check." He storms off. Someone else comes up and asks if I have been helped, I say I wasn't sure. He goes off. The first guy walks by me and slams some stuff down on a table next to me. I was feeling uncomfortable at this point. Finally I get seated and no one comes by for 10 minutes. When my husband gets there I tell him we should leave. I tell one of the waiters and he doesn't even say a word to me. I understand they were probably closing up shop but they should have just said that me. We had to go to Chilis, I like Chilis but I was in the mood for something else, but at that time it was too late for anything else. I am bummed but I probably won't give Garlic another chance.

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  1. Wow. In this climate of tough sledding for many restaurants, it's hard to believe that EVERY restaurant owner hasn't had a staff meeting to emphasize the need for top notch customer relations and service.

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      1. We don’t usually write a review, but we had to get the word out on this pretentious, snotty place. Upon doing some research, we found that this seems to be the norm at this restaurant. Here’s our experience: We went in on Thursday night. As soon as we entered we walked to the front desk and waited, and waited, and waited. It was at least ten minutes before we finally flagged a waiter down. Three waiters had hurried past us probably a total of about eight times purposely without making eye contact. When we finally asked the waiter for a table for two, he seemed annoyed at having to deal with us. He rudely asked if we had a reservation and we told him we did not. “Well we aren’t taking any walk-ins,” and he stormed off. There were at least four empty tables that we counted and even if reservations had come in then they could have been seated at the other empty ones or one of the few that were about to open up as some were about to leave. We were furious that we were treated so poorly. We are trying to give a business money and they acted as if they didn’t want or need it. It’s a small island and word gets around. Do not go here and tell all your friends!

        Ninniku-Ya Garlic Restaurant
        3196 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816