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Dec 6, 2008 07:05 PM

bi-rite market prime rib. oh and ham

today at bi-rite i saw that they are currently offering niman ranch prime ribs for $9.99 a pound. even as i write this i wonder if i saw it correctly, but that's what it said. any one know of comparable deals at other markets or butchers?

also had a taste of the surryano berkshire ham, by edwards and sons in yes, funny ha ha surry, virginia. it is sweet and smokey, and i grabbed some to snack on. i'm happy that americans are making more good hams that i think are starting to stand up to the finest of italy, france, and spain. however, unlike those this ham is also smoked, and like most americans i love smoked meat.

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  1. oh, good tip! i have to check out that surryano.

    i stopped in to bi-rite the other day and saw at the deli counter a sign that said "our comte is hand selected." my clerk explained bi-rite's comte cheese is picked by a woman who travels to france every year to select comtes for american shops and restaurants. i bought a little slice--the price was dear but the flavor is really excellent.

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      Bi-Rite Market
      3639 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110