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Dec 6, 2008 05:45 PM

Fuego's in dire straits!

After a characteristically delicious meal at Fuego's--one Fat Burger (which rivals Casino el Camino's, FWIW), two orders of fish tacos, and crab enchiladas (all phenomenal)--we gushed to the owner about the tastiness of the food. She mentioned that they are struggling mightily, and may not make it for another month. Although our initial enthusiasm for them waned after they raised their prices, they've since normalized and, for the quality and freshness of the ingredients, they are fantastic deal. My wife and I have pledged to try to come at least twice this week. I'd like to encourage--nay plead!--Fuego lovers and newbies alike to support this wonderful establishment.

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  1. That is sad to hear. They really need to relocate. They are so screwed in that location.

    I'm out of town this coming week but will TRY very hard to make it there for breakfast tomorrow. I have friends who like Fuego's, as well, and will encourage them to go in my absence.

    Is it still BYOB? That's really appealing to some.

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      Great, Rene. I'm afraid you might be right about the undesirable location. One other group commented about this to the owner. I'd never given it any thought since we live right down the road, in Crestview, so getting there is a breeze. Apologies for a bit of digression, but an unintended consequence of the successful campaign to shut down Morrow to traffic turning left from Lamar may be the inability of businesses to thrive at this location.

      They are still BYOB. And, conveniently, their struggles coincide nicely with Eat Local Week. What better way to embody the spirit and intent of Eat Local Week than to show up, en masse, to support this outstanding restaurant.

    2. I like to go to Fuego's every once in a while. I love their fish tacos.
      I guess after hearing this, I'll start going more often.

      1. too bad really. i like this place, but their random idiosynchrosies have turned off some of the folks I have sent over there.

        If they can just hang on a little longer, maybe that new development by the train station will be helpful. Or maybe they should move into there.

        1. I went there last night for the first time, and it was really wonderful. The habanero slaw on the fish tacos made me understand that whole cabbage thing. It was so fresh and flavorful. The salsas are also intense and unique. It reminds me of Sago - not your usual stuff on the menu, but whatever it is it's delicious. They said they're doing better due to the word of mouth campaign in Crestview. Well, they won over one more!

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          1. re: RJeats

            Went friday night....Good as always. We love the artichoke app and I am in love with the fish tacos, with their salsas. My other half favors the shrimp/caesar wrap. Wonderful flavors.

          2. When we visited a couple weeks ago (see "best burger" thread above) I seem to recall the owners mentioning that they were waiting/hoping/praying for their alcohol license to be approved. I wish them well -- despite some flaws in execution, they were extremely nice and really went out of their way to fulfill special requests and take care of us.