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Chinatown Dim Sum for Dinner?

I love dim sum for brunch, but am wondering if any good Chinatown restaurants also serve dim sum for dinner? (Yes, specifically Chinatown, for this dinner, at least.) Thanks.

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  1. Typically Chinatown dim sum is served approximately from 10:30am to 2 pm in the afternoon. Not many places offer dim sum for dinner (if any?). Dim sum is mainly a luncheon affair called 'Yum cha" which means "drink tea". Some smaller restaurants only offer this on weekends.

    1. There's a branch of Yum Cha Cafe on Broadway. I think it's open until 8pm or thereabouts and they have dim sum.

      1. No.

        Or more precisely, there are no restaurants that serve dim sum for dinner, good or otherwise.

        While you're on your Ahabian search for such a Chinese restaurant, perhaps you can take notes for me on a good Kosher restaurant serving cheeseburgers. Thanks much.

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          Don't be so mean!! There is Yum Cha, and the takeaway counters at NHK and the shack on Garfield next to Giang Nan, between the 10 and Garvey... Nothing in Chinatown, though. But yes, this is a bit like asking for Sunday brunch at 6 PM. Places that serve dim sum change to a Cantonese seafood menu after 2 PM.

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            Talia's Steakhouse & Bar • 668 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025

            Serving hamburgers with non-dairy soy cheese. ;-)

          2. Kind of like looking for Wheaties for dinner. Actually a couple of places in NY Chinatown do, but not out here on the left coast. Dim sum chef is a different job classification from normal Chinese kitchen chef. The dim sum crew is in the restaurant before dawn getting ready for the morning opening, so most of them are snug in bed when dinnertime comes.

            1. I think you can get some dim sum for dinner at ABC Seafood downtown. I'm sure I have. No carts.

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                That's not dim sum that they are serving at dinner time. Just select dumpling dishes.

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                  I have to agree -- and they're usually pretty sad, from the appetizer section of the menu.

                  Dim sum is what's eaten at yum cha, and yum cha is very much an early-in-the-day thing.

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                    I'm sure you're right but I was impressed with both the selection and the fact it was not sad.

                2. I wouldn't recommend dim sum for dinner even if one can actually find it. Most Chinese folks won't eat dim sum after lunch, so there's a good chance that the dim sum would have been out for most of the day. This would make it rather unpalatable in the evening.

                  1. You can find some of the items here for to-go. I wouldn't suggest dine in here because the tables are greasy and the place is very dirty. Plus they will just serve you with to-go boxes anyways.

                    Lucky Delicatessen
                    706 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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                      If you're going to go that route, might as well go to Yum Cha Cafe (mentioned above).

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                        I think Mc Michael was referring to ABC's takeout part of the restaurant which is separate from the restaurant. They do have good dim sum. The restaurant's lunch specials (dine in) are really good too. I like their Salty Fish with Minced Pork. Real yummy.