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Dec 6, 2008 04:03 PM

Boba... closed? And what of my gift certificate?

Anybody know the story on Boba? I called to make a reservation today and the message said, "Unfortunately Boba is closed. Please do not leave a message as it will not be retrieved." Sligthly ambiguous, I thought, but "don't leave a message" doesn't sound good. I've never been to Boba but have only heard great things.

Moonsally and I have been saving the gift certificate (for two months) for a perfect night. Now that we found one, we seem to be SOL! Any thoughts on the gift certificate before we use it to wipe up the spilled milk?

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  1. They are out of business... so start wiping...

    1. I never give people gift certificates for exactly this reason. Sorry it happened to you.
      I find it odd that they aren't retrieving messages, I'd think they should feel some obligation to refund the certificates as it doesn't seem they went bankrupt. Someone posted that they closed while they were "at the top of their game" .

      1. Shoulda gone sooner. I really don't think "Boba is closed" is terrilbly ambiguous. So like ondago said...better start wiping

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        1. Taste T.O reported that it happened at the end of Nov.

          The first of many closures, although some may hang in until Valentine's Day...

          1. Write them a note.
            My impression is that they are honourable and will make good somehow.

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            1. re: garlicandwingnut

              After reading the article you will find at this link, I'd say you probably won't get any refund of that gift certificate.

              The title of the story is " Restaurateurs rise to economic downturn challenge " and it mentions why Boba closed.