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Dec 6, 2008 03:57 PM

New Years eve restaurant - bergen county NJ

I'm looking for some recommendations for fun places to go for new years eve dinner - small group of friends, ~8 of us. we did Harvest Bistro last year which was nice, but it might be fun to go to a place where it's OK if we drink too much and get a little's nice to get decked out with your friends for the holidays but not wanting anything "stuffy" at the same time. Any suggestions are welcome!! Anywhere near the RIdgewood area.....Thanks!

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  1. Sabor in Hawthorne, which is next to Ridgewood, is a lot of fun. You can get noisy, the food is very good, and their sangria is great.

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      Chakra on Route 4 in Paramus
      Kiku is some times loud and can be fun with the Hibatchi
      South City Grill on Route 17 is usually nice for NYE.