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Dec 6, 2008 03:18 PM

Most Unique NO Restaurants

I'm a Sommelier and big foodie - my girlfriend and I will be going to NO over the Christmas week, and we're looking for the most original and unique places to eat at.

Never been to NO - we're staying in either the French Quarter or Garden District, so spots in that area would be great, though if there's something wonderful out of the way, please recommend.

Great wine spots are a plus (not American) and we love hole in the wall spots with great food - really the most unique is the best - any cuisine. And great recommendations on bars are good as well.

Never been before and we're looking forward to it - thanks for the help!

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  1. I would recommend Dick & Jenny's, near the Garden District. It's a neighborhood restaurant with upscale N.O. comfort food. Wine list might not be as exciting to you (being a Sommelier) but you can scope it out on their website. It's a hidden gem IMO.

    1. Uptown:
      Martinique Bistro, Mila, Sara's in the Riverbend, One Restaurant, Clancy's, Patois, Bistro Daisy, Lilette, Ciro's Cote Sud, Gautreau's, Mat & Naddie's, Jamila's Cafe

      Stella, Iris, Galatorie's, Cafe Amelie, Bayona, Cafe Sbisa, Luke, Rambla, 1179, Cuvee, Cohon, Herbsaint, La Boca, Riomar, Irene's, August

      Elsewhere around town:
      Arabesque, Cafe Degas, Lola (BYOB), Parkway Bakery, Rivershack (lunch specials), Le Parvenu, Da Piero, Ristorante Pellicano, Tony Angello's, Chateau du Lac, Laurentino's, Vega's, Crabby Jack's, Clementine's, Kim Son, Galley Seafood

      for bars:
      French 75 at Arnaud's, Carousel at Hotel Monteleone, Absinthe House, Lafitte's Blacksmith, Tommy's Wine Bar, d.b.a., St. Joe's, Jin Jean's Lounge, Johnny White's, LOA, Grapevine, Hookah Cafe, Vaughan's Lounge, Helix at Lee Circle, W.I.N.O.

      that should get you started...have fun!

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        EC, Have you been to Sbisa yet? I asked in another thread, and I never heard back. I've seen you recommending it a lot, and I just wanted to know how it is.

      2. If you’ll be here on a Saturday or Sunday, brunch at Commander’s Palace is a one-of-a-kind experience, as much for the celebratory atmosphere as for the food. The wine list should interest you, as well.
        Other than that, I’d suggest you try to sample the full range of New Orleans’ very diverse cooking. Here’s my list:
        Galatoire’s for the quintessential French-Creole meal. Don't miss the oysters and bacon en brochette, shrimp remoulade, crabmeat maison and sauteed trout meuniere.
        Brigtsen’s for the best collection of traditional, down-home south-Louisiana dishes in the city. Roast duck is as good as it gets. And oysters Rockefeller soup -- the original, never-duplicated one.
        Parkway Bakery for a classic New Orleans roast-beef poor boy (but tell ‘em to hold the gravy; otherwise you’ll need a spoon). It’s in Mid-City, about a 10-to15-minute cab ride from either the Quarter or the Garden District.
        Gautreau’s (Uptown, dinner only), with the city’s most exciting contemporary menu (this year the young chef was chosen one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs in America).
        Wherever you go, I hope you have a very enjoyable trip.

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        1. re: Honore Melmoth

          Hold the gravy??????

          If you don't use at least 10 napkins while eating a Roast Beef Po Boy there's not enough gravy on that baby!

          I had one at Parkway 2 weeks ago & it was just right!
          We also split an oyster po boy too. Heavenly!

        2. A footnote to my previous post:
          The wine list at Gautreau's is short on volume but very long on quality, with quite a few wines that are hard to find elsehwere in the city.

          1. The hole-in-the-wall would be Mandina's, it's on Canal St at S Cortez (I think). See my profile, and enjoy the turtle soup.

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            1. re: mycrofth

              With all due respect, Mandina's is hardly a hole in the wall! It's a very large restaurant.