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Dec 6, 2008 02:01 PM

need a ham.....confusion abounds, please help

I wanted to have a ham for a party this weekend and looking into it has gotten me so confused. Hoping to find something great and festive for a platter of make your own sandwiches.

This is a first for me and I'm not sure whether to cook a ham or get the fully cooked smoked ham, cured or uncured, spiral cut which is prettier on the platter or boneless. I am overwhelmed by the amount of options. I wanted to get the best flavor, stay clear of nitrites and hormones and chemical flavor/color and try to be organic without getting reamed on the price.

Any suggestions other than the obvious whole foods? I also know about the boneless Neiman Ranch boneless ham from Costco.

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  1. If the party is tonight or tomorrow, think fast!! I was going to suggest Nic's downtown up the street from Phillipe's, they are closed on sunday. I would do the Costoco or Smart & Final has Farmer John, Honeybaked is also a good option.

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      Not sure about the Organic aspect, but I second Honeybaked - they're really yummy. Plus, they're ready to serve!

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        I don't care for the stereotypical hams, and the Honey Baked hams weren't much better in my eyes - too sweet and too salty. But this past weekend changed my mind on the Honey Baked. I think our friend must have known that my vegan sister ruined our usual "celebrate the big bird carcass in the middle of the table" event last thursday. He brought by a Honey Baked ham (the ones that you get at the actual Honey Baked Ham stores). This one had a nice slightly smokey flavor, just the right amount of salt, and the wonderful carmelized honey on the exterior. It's not the same ham that I recall from about a decade or so ago. Every bite was just as good as the last. We had plenty of leftovers, so we incorporated some of it into sandwiches, and made a nice soup with the remainder.

        Costco has a really good sliced ham from Spain - it's in the coldcuts section. Sliced thin like the sliced prosciutto in vacuum packs, but nuttier and deeper in flavor, this ham makes a great sandwich - I tried it with some Manchego, fig spread, a little mustard and baby greens. They're a pretty good deal at $9 for I think it was a one-pound pack.

    2. This is obviously after the fact but try Snake RIver Farms online the next time you need a ham. It's what ham used to be before pork became the 'other white meat'. Very tasty.

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        I love the Snake River Farms pork rib-roast, for example, but have had only moderate success with the ham. It's certainly good (and very expensive, something the OP worried about) but no better than cheaper hams at Bristol Farms and other top-quality supermarkets. BF occasionally carries whole Smithfield hams -- which, along with various country cousins, can also be ordered through the Web -- but, compared to sweet hams, those are entirely different renderings of the pig and evidently beyond the interests and current cooking skills of our OP.

        N.B. Nodding to modern tastes and needs, Smithfield companies now mail-order fully cooked, even sliced or glazed hams. I'd bet that Bristol Farms could find a way to get these for people who prefer buying from local merchants.

      2. I like Honeybaked Hams. But you can always go to Bristol Farms or Whole Foods.