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Dec 6, 2008 01:49 PM

Private party at a coffee shop?

I'm helping to organize a co-ed baby shower for a friend, and am having difficulty finding a suitable venue. I'm looking for a comfortable, laid back place that can host 20 - 30 people. Downtown Toronto would be preferred. And something easy on the pocket book is even better. I was thinking a room at a coffee shop or even a pub may be great, where we don't have to have a full meal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. DT Bistro at Harbord and Brunswick would suit that; you could take the back area and all just have desserts, coffee, etc. Pagoe Mahone at College and Yonge might be a good choice as well; I've seen parties there of that size. I'm not sure how cheap you were thinking, but if you are looking for $20-30/person, another idea would be to do afternoon tea at the King Eddie, Four Seasons, Royal York, etc. That's a nice idea too because everyone gets dessert and sandwiches. I'm throwing a baby shower next year, but I'm going to do it in my condo's party room; another idea if one of the guests lives in a condo downtown.

    1. What day of the week and time are you thinking of?

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        A Saturday afternoon or evening would work the best for everyone attending -- that way we don't have to ask people to take time off of work. We want to avoid the dinner hour though.

      2. While it does get mixed comments on the board, C'est What has a private room that would suit your group and offers finger food platters for groups that may suit your budget -

        C'est What
        67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

        1. You should check out Dark Horse at queen And Broadview... really cool space great coffee and they do private parties.

          1. New place, with a relatively brunch-y menu on Yorkville, called MoRoCo. Chocolate shop in the front, brunchy restaurant in the back, very funky space. Mains seem to be in the 10-15 area for that time of day, and of course, there's chocolate.