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Dec 6, 2008 01:30 PM

Great restaurant with patio for small wedding

My fiance and I live in California but he's from NY. Most of our family is on the East coast so we'd like to get married in a restaurant with great food and a patio if possible that will take 30-35 people at the end of May.
Does not have to be the most upscale place but don't rule that out either. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. We're open. Thanks!

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  1. How about the back yard at Back Forty on Avenue B. Local, seasonal American food. Good cocktails and a nice beer selection. It's not um... super fancy, but I think it might be nice place to look at.

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    1. re: susiederkins

      Will certainly check them out. Since yours is the only reply I take it NY does not have many restaurants with patios? The only real reason I was thinking of a place with a patio is to have the wedding and reception in one location. Should I have the wedding in Central Park and have the reception at some great restauant? I which case any non patio restaurants you'd recommend?

      1. re: lunataz

        It's not the absence of patios or outside areas - we have them and you can find them - there's a long list at Zagat (check for special features) but you cannot count on good weather here the way you can in CA. Whatever plan you make - please have an easily accomplished Plan B for indoors in case of rain. Backyard and garden weddings here are always planned with tents for that reason - they can be left with the sides open or rolled down.

    2. check out Barolo in Soho. It has a really nice garden area, and the restaurant is pretty big.

        1. It's not a restaurant, technically, but I looked at the Hudson Hotel for my wedding and I was blown away by their outdoor space. It would accomodate 35 people nicely.

          1. Hello lunataz,
            congratulations on your wedding. I am looking as well for a restaurant to have a small wedding 35-45 people. NYC is very pricey and I my budget is about $100-180 pp (including tax+tips) ). Since you have more experience in this area could you give me some pointers?
            Thank you