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Dec 6, 2008 12:53 PM

Stay away from Polpo in Greenwich CT

We have no idea why this place was crowded. The service was possibly the worst we've ever experienced: refused to sit the first of the foursome 5 min before the arrival of the rest, did not refill water/wine, 20 min to bring 2nd bottle of wine, brought entree with appetizers still being eaten, refused us dessert at the table. The food was okay, but definitely not worth either the price OR the service. Stay away!

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  1. Hi Happygirl,

    The place is a "see & be seen" spot. People swear by it. I refuse to pay those prices for food. The wine list is WAY overpriced

    1. Wow, that is funny, because i went there last year for my wife's birthday and had a very similar experience. We waited over and hour for our entree and the waiter didn't even apologize. They clearly forgot about us, but did not have the guts to apologize and admit their mistake. Then we get the food and it was maybe mediocre at best. The wife and I have been to Italian restaurants all around the area and we have found about 15 or so we would go to before this place. How can you charge $28 for a bowl of pasta that isnt even homemade? I dont get how anyone can like this place

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      1. re: bbqlover

        Count us in too. Went there a few years ago, had the most difficult time getting a table for the 3 of us, got stuck in a back corner between a wall and a staircase. Tried to make the best of it, but the service was beyond difficult and obnoxious. The final insult was when the bill was presented and in addition to the tip line there was a separate entry for the "captains" tip...yeah, I don't think so!! Yes, the food was decent, but we quickly proclaimed it on the DNR list, and we have not returned since.

      2. i went here bout a year ago on a gift certificate........the place is totally for what you get and the quality?........(barf) is it still in business?

        1. I had a similar experience there a couple of months ago. We were stuck out on this little porch-like area on the second floor that was rather unpleasant and uncomfortable. The service was horrific. I've never been a huge fan of this restaurant for the consistently arrogant behavior of the staff, and the restaurant's generally mediocre food. Valbella in Greenwich or Il Falco in Stamford are far better options.

          1. Wow, sounds like this is more than just a one-time problem. Good insight.

            I've been to Polpo only twice. Once for lunch, then again for a larger, catered event. Both experiences were very positive (service and food), so I've recommended it a lot since then. However, that was 3+ years ago now and given the more recent experiences here, looks like I'll need to be more tempered in recommending people go to Polpo until I go back to check it out for myself (no idea when/if that will be).

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            1. re: adamclyde

              adamclyde, it's been years since I've been there -- Greenwich is NOT my go-to place for food -- and it was a birthday party. They were fawning all over us, but that was then. The grilled octopus was the best I've ever had.

              Sad to read that they have declined, but hey, stuff happens.

              1. re: dolores

                The octopus was incredible...the rest of the food was very good. Unfortunately for us, the service was just a major turnoff.

                1. re: sibeats

                  Understood, sibeats. Nothing worse than bad service, even if the food is good or great. Did you escalate to management? Based on my experience, the fish stinks at the head.

                2. re: dolores

                  I share your opinion about the tender and tasty grilled octopus. It truly is very good, but I've had my last bad experience at Polpo. Why subject myself to that again?

                  1. re: DashingDiner

                    Heck no, DashingDiner. If you can't get it ALL at those prices, move on to a place where you can. Of course, you have to FIND that place first, but oh well.