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Dec 6, 2008 12:00 PM

The Pizza Stone Chester, VT

I have been here several times and I think their pizza is great (I have not had the red sauce, but the garlic butter is great as is the pesto). The crust is thin but not crunchy except around the edges a bit. If you get a lot of toppings or the homegrown pizza it starts to get a little weighed down, but its still tastes great. It is so much better then the other pizza place in town that I went to once and have not been back. Their prices are a little higher then some pizza places, but for the quality I think its worth it. The veggies are all fresh (no canned mushrooms here). They only have two sizes and one of those is what they call their slice. The regular size is 6 medium slices, perfect as lunch or lighter dinner for 2.

On a side note, has anyone been to MacLoamainns scottish pub yet? I would be interested in knowing how the food is.

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  1. Just tried this out today and it was delicious! Some of the best pizza in I've had in the tri-state area. They have a gluten free crust as well. We tried two personal pizzas (which they call a "skip," no idea why); SO ordered gluten-free crust with red sauce, pepperoni, black olives and onion. Nice crunchy crust and zippy red sauce. My pizza was the Gouda Morning specialty pizza with a garlic butter sauce, caraway gouda, roasted leeks, local Italian sausage, cilantro. It was divine.

    They also have green and red pesto sauces, which I'm looking forward to trying. Personal pizzas are around $7 and are a filling but not heavy lunch. I think the prices are very reasonable, considering the quality of the food and the large amount of locally sourced ingredients.

    Will definitely be back to try some different variations...