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Dec 6, 2008 11:59 AM

Tonight! (Saturday 6 Dec)

So we're headed out for dinner in an hour, need to be at the Bell Centre close to game time, any recommendations for GREAT food, in at 5:00ish, out at 7:00ish, without reservations? Wide open to cusines and all your recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: superbossmom

      Bellagio. Pricey but delicious. A wonderful osso bucco. The only disappoint was the lacklustre performance of the Habs afterwards.

      1. re: NicholsVT

        A good choice !! I was at the game thursday and the habs were amazing, go figure.

        1. re: NicholsVT

          Went to Bellagio Satuday night, and found it pricey but disappointing. I had the Linguini Gondoliera, which was not impressive, including exactly one scallop and some gritty mussels along with tasty clams and shrimp in a tomato-based sauce. My wife had the filet mignon with pepper sauce, ordered it medium, and it came out not even warm in the middle. We felt out of place in a mostly older crowd, and the servers were seemed to have lots of time for those who seemed to be regulars at the other tables while we had trouble getting their attention.

          Bellagio Ristorante
          505 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3A3C2, CA

      2. Newtown is doing a pregame 3-course $33 menu and based on my visit on Friday (also a game night) you probably don't need to reserve. The food is well worth it.