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Dec 6, 2008 11:55 AM

Reasonably Priced Westside ( West Hollywood to Santa Monica to Culver City) Dinner Spot

Hey everybody,

So I've been with my girlfriend for a while now, and am looking to get back into the habit of planned weekly dates. I can think of about 20 restaurants I'd like to go to tonight, but the recession has hit my pocket book, and am looking for something a bit more reasonable.

Right now a good portion of you is saying to yourself "come on guy, reasonable is relative, give me numbers." I hear you, so I will: Entrees 18-29... total cost of about $100.

She's a cheap date as far as drinks are concerned, probably a glass or two of wine for her, a cocktail or 2 for me.

Is this possible?

As far as type of cuisine, anything goes. Because tonight is the launch of our newly-revisited weekly date effort, something on the romantic side would be nice.


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  1. Wilshire's back patio is one of the most romantic spots West of the 405, and the food is excellent. I can't recall the price of most of the entrees, but I believe they're $25-$45 or so. You can find entrees in your range but could also go way over. Gjelina in Venice is great if you can get in. A bit loud, but the pizzas are $12-$14, small plates $8-13 and regular plates $13-$26. It's a little loud, and wine glasses are pricey: $10-$12. If you show up early, you can snag a seat at the communal table, but it's risky on a Saturday night.

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    1. re: grubtrotters

      Wilshire for sure.

      $100 for dinner is totally doable at any of the restaurants we discuss here (except the sushi/seafood ones) - pretty much any restaurant from Fraiche in Culver City to Primitivo in Venice to Chaya, even.

      1. re: yogachik

        I don't know about Wilshire for $100. With 2 gasses of wine and 2 cocktails you are already at or over $50. If you have a salad or a starter and then mains and split a dessert you are probably looking at $150 + tax and tip.

        1. re: yogachik

          imho, maybe it's "doable" at wilshire, but it certainly would not be comfortable to try to get out of wilslhire for $50/pp TOTAL cost including 2 drinks/pp, tax, and tip.
          the drinks alone could easily cost $20/pp, that doesn't leave much room for food.

      2. Go to 26 Beach and make a reservation for the patio, can be nice and romantic. Price wise I think the most expensive thing is rack of lamb (7-8 ribs) at $32 comes with veggies and mashed includes a dinner salad, it is a great deal.

        1. Chez Mimi has a nice, romantic patio. I haven't been there in quite a while, but prices were moderate when I was last there, and the food was good.

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          1. re: Nicole

            Great suggestion. This is one of my favorite date spots.

            1. re: New Trial

              Caffe Delfini on Channel Road is a small, dark room with candles on the table, good Italian food and candlelight, white tableclothes. The main room is possibly a little loud, but who cares where there's a chocolate covered ball of ice cream, three cheese pasta or pasta with a veal and tomato sauce and a wonderful burratta appetizer? This is within your price range.

              I don't know if La Cachette is within range, but its quite classy and subdued.

              If you go to Chez Mimi, the indoor rooms are very cozy as well for nighttime. Make sure to think about getting the fabulous tomato soup, roast chicken and corn souffle and, of course ,the tarte tatin.

              1. re: noshie

                la chachette is out of FISHFOOD'S range:
                most entrees are well into the thirties, so adding the drinks would take the tab over the limit without even considering tax, tip, and maybe dessert or coffee.

          2. If you don't already have this one in your back pocket, I'd recommend Nook Bistro. You can easily splurge (two apps, two entrees, a dessert and four glasses of wine) and still get out for under $100.

            Nook's cuisine is essentially updated comfort food: think roast chicken, pork chop, pot roast, steak, etc. The food is delicious and consistent, and the service is one of the high points of the place.

            You'll have a blast.

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            1. re: donnival

              I was going to suggest this as well. It's not terribly romantic, but I think it's a great spot for a date with delicious, well-priced food. Definitely try the shrimp and grits and the mac and cheese. Orris isn't that romantic either, but a very good date spot. Oh, and I've had a couple of dates at Robata-ya recently that were fun and reasonably priced.

            2. Pizzicotto or Fritto Misto ?