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Dec 6, 2008 11:34 AM

Coyote Crossing in WC

I walked by CC today and there were banners up exclaiming CJ's Sports Bar is open. Though I though CC was overpriced for what it was, I'd rather have had CC than another sports bar in town. Does anybody know why they closed?

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  1. I noticed the same and looked on the w.c. bid website and it mentioned CJ"s but the website link was coyote's old one.
    I was never a huge fan only because the drinks were super weak and the food was pricey for mexican in my brain

    1. Their food took an express rocket to the basement a couple years back. Add in overpriced...and that they were ' a place to go get rocked on watery-ritas' and well, you're left with..sports bar. net net.

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        There was an article in the Daily Local News a few weeks ago that explained the same owner decided to change to a sports bar, I'm sure because he was losing so much money charging high prices for Mexican fare. The place was always empty except for the roof. He'll have a sports bar menu with a few of the Mexican appetizers from his old menu. It's a shame because I loved their food, just way too expensive for Mexican and his drink prices were ridiculous. If only he lowered his Mexican drink & food prices I think he would have survived but after emailing him to complain about his $11.00 margaritas, I can see that he wouldn't have listened to his customer base. The article mentioned WC being a college town so I guess they might have better luck getting the college aged kids in there to eat, although most are too young to drink.

      2. Just so everyone is clear, as I was not... WC is referring to West Chester, NOT West Conshohocken. We stumbled into the Coyote Crossing in West Conshi tonight expecting it to be no more and to go on to elsewhere for dinner. The West Conshi location is indeed, still a Coyote Crossing. My wife's Ribs as well as my Chicken Mole Enchiladas were indeed sumptuous, The chips hot, crunchy and the salsa (more like Pico de Gallo) freshly made, as they have been in the past. The guy there clarified to me that it was the West Chester location that is a sports bar, NOT West Conshohocken. So.. If you need a Mexicano fix in the Main Line, Conshi, Plymouth Meeting, etc area.. go to the Crosssing. Eat & Enjoy!!

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          Actually that place is in Conshohocken-proper. W. Conshy is on the south side of the river. If you want to be REALLY pedantic I think it's actually on the Whitemarsh Twp side of the line! :-)

          My assessment of the Conshy location is the same as those for the WC location....decent, just too expensive for what it is. I think it mostly survives on business lunches...I don't think I ever went there without someone armed with an expense account paying :-) It sure is nice to sit on their patio on a spring afternoon!

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            Thanks for setting me straight on that geography. As far as being pedantic, I would not worry as I assume that we are all friends here!!! I agree that it is a bit pricey for Mexican, but I have yet to have a crummy meal or experience there. One of the nicest spring-early summer dining experiences is that patio. We love it and it is great if you are with another or two couples. Have a great holiday. Eat & Enjoy!!