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Cornelia Street Cafe

Am considering dinner at Cornelia Street Cafe on New Year's Day as we get into the city. Menu is very appealing. Anybody been recently?

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  1. It's good comfort food--nothing outstanding or surprising, but solid and cozy atmosphere.

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      Thanks, after New Year's Eve and Christmas I think "solid and cozy" is just what we'd want....

    2. The food there is really ordinary. There are many better places nearby (Po, for example).

      1. The home of bland, but good tap beer and comfy setting.

        1. It's not great. Average at best.

          1. while not a destination place, i don't find it as bad as the other posters might lead you to believe. I've read poetry there many times, and when i did order food i was never disappointed. perhaps never blown away either, but there is nothing wrong with the food at all

            1. i think its really cute, ive been there a few times (they have shows downstairs). i did take a friend from london there and i think he was a little unimpressed....but i like it :)

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                It's not awful but I don't see any reason to go there. The food is just not good.

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                  I've had decent breakfasts/brunch there - out of convenience, but the eggs etc. that I had were well prepared, and the meal well priced.

              2. Agree with Lucia's post. Good, not great. Been there many, many times. Le Gigot and Po are better. Both are smaller spaces. Been to Le Gigot in the past few months and Po and Cornelia Street earlier this year. Avoid the Cuban place on Cornelia, SO went and was disappointed.

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                  don't forget pearl oyster bar, as long as your considering that one block of manhattan