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Dec 6, 2008 11:24 AM

Boston question - Amtrak to Logan help please

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please tell me which Amtrak station is closer to Logan Airport, Back Bay or South Station?? I have to arrive on a train and then head to Logan and would like to know the best/easiest station to arrive at. Probably will take a taxi to Logan. Also, anything interesting at Logan in the way of eats? Thanks for your help!

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  1. This will get deleted, but you go to South Station and you can take the Silver Line to the Airport and catch shuttle buses from there.

    To make this food-related, there is food to be had at South Station; the options at Logan vary according to the terminal.

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      Thanks, Karl.....OK well, how about the food a Logan while waiting for a plane. Anything interesting in the way of eats??

      1. re: joschus

        As Karl said - depends on your terminal. Here's Massport's "Inside the Airport" link for Logan:

        Click on the Terminal Letter next to a restaurant, and it'll bring you to that food/beverage/restaurant section of that specific terminal with a bit more explanation of the restaurants.

        1. re: joschus

          I always go to Legal Seafood when I'm at the airport.

        2. re: Karl S

          The Silver Line actually takes you directly to the terminals. Of course if you have extra time and not much luggage, there's the wonderful Pueblan mole and other goodies at Angela's Cafe in East Boston! (except for Sunday after 3 PM) 10 minute or less taxi ride fom the airport, but make sure driver knows his/her way around East Boston - or see Places listing here in Chowhound and bring Google map and directions. Not far, but a bit convoluted. You could also take the Blue Line (shlepping with bags) (again see Places for directions) and a cab back to the terminals.

          1. re: fredid

            yes but be careful if you do that. i actually managed to miss a flight once because i was so taken with my meal at angela's that i lost track of time. for real.

            and yeah, go to south station, find the silver line, it'll take you directly to whatever terminal you want in the airport.

            1. re: autopi

              OMG, that's terrible! You are a true chowhound.

        3. Compared against other airports, Logan isn't bad for food. Be aware that the terminals are seperated from each other, so it's not really an option to go from Terminal A to Terminal C to grab a bite. Terminal B probably has the most options.

          UFood is a good fast food option and here is a Legal Sea Foods and a Legal Test Kitchen which provide decent sit down options. Lucky's in Terminal A is good if you want a more bar-like atmosphere, and I think the new Cisco brew-pub type place is open which may or may not have good food (but certainly has good beer).

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            Note also that MOST of the better options seem to be behind the security checkpoints of your respective flights - the exceptions I am aware of are in Terminal B - Legal C Bar/Seafood (nice raw bar option and real Legal menu as well - better service at the bar) near American Airlines and Ozone (Todd English cafe - only like the breakfast here, actually) near USAirways.