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Dec 6, 2008 10:18 AM

Thank you lunch or dinner for five colleagues in Flatiron District and South

I would like to treat five of my colleagues to a wonderful thank you lunch or dinner during the holidays. Any suggestions for a moderately priced restaurant in Tribeca, Soho, West or East Village?

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  1. I had a delicious, artfully prepared dinner at 11 Madison Park a few weeks ago. You can see many reviews here if you search.

    1. I think Casa Mono would be a great choice. Order lots of tasty tapas - the party is big enough to accommodate a couple of dietary restrictions, and it will be very convivial eating experience. I think celebratory are more fun when it's family style - you get to try lots of different foods. Wash it down with something from their wine collection. Start off with the lunch with the house Spanish champagne - "Cava Mono" and enjoy the meal from there!

      I only suggest it since I would love to be taken there for a thank you lunch instead of some boring steak house.

      1. I also love 11 Madison Park, but it' s high end, not moderately priced though they have a two-course prix fixe for lunch @ $ 30. (without drinks)

        In Flatiron/Grammercy region: Enoteca I Trulli is affordable and very nice. very tough for moderate prices, but I like Gigino on Greenwich (Italian), which I think is very good. Viet Cafe, also on Greenwich, has an affordable lunch and is a lovely atmosphere. Another good Italian nearby is Pepolino near 6th ave and Canal.

        East Village /or West Village . -There's so much to choose from - Italian? vegetarian? Indian? Any preferences, special requirements?

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          Italian, greek, brazilian or spanish would be great.

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            The 2-course Market menu at EMP, which changes daily, is $38. The 5-course lunch Gourmand is $58. While it is not inexpensive, several of the items on it are exactly the same as those on the 5-course seasonal tasting dinner, but that cost is $125. Though at lunch, you don't get the hors d'oeuvres offered at the start of dinner, you do get an amuse and mignardises. I think the $67 cost differential makes the Gourmand lunch a bargain.


            A few other lovely restaurants to consider:

            Fleur de Sel has two prix-fixes at lunch: 3-courses @ $29 and 5 courses @ $46.


            Tocqueville has a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $24.


            Allegretti has a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $28.


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              Changes re: lunch at EMP.

              I've just looked at the menu on-line. They've eliminated the daily Market menu, and the regular menu is no longer a la carte. Now, they are offering a 2-course prix-fixe (1 app & 1 main) for $28. This is exactly the same as the 2-course lunch prix-fixe at Jean Georges. Adding a dessert at EMP = $12. I think at J.G., it's now $14.

              Also, the cost of EMP's lunch Gourmand has been raised to $68.